The Arts of Fashion Foundation

The Arts of Fashion Foundation

The Arts of Fashion Foundation is a 501(c) (3), public, non-profit organization, linking both academics and professionals alike and is dedicated in fostering international cultural exchange through the creation of a variety of educational events meant to facilitate critical thinking among artists, designers, scholars and students. The primary focus of the foundation is the continuous support of creativity and design in fashion and the arts linked to it.

The Arts of Fashion Foundation was created in December 2001 as the U.S. extension of the world renowned Concours International des Jeunes Créateurs de Mode, an international student design competition sponsored by Air France and the Fédération Française de la Couture, du Prêt-à-Porter des Couturiers et des Créateurs de Mode. This global competition was introduced in 1982 in Japan and has grown steadily over the past 23 years, including over 200 finalists from 17 countries.

With the inception of the U.S. segment of the Foundation, Nathalie Doucet, a fashion design professor and designer, based in San Francisco, CA, was chosen as the director. She has introduced seminars, lectures, debates, and hands-on workshops to the competition, making the Annual Arts of Fashion Symposium an extraordinarily rich fashion event. Each year, an honorary President is chosen by the Foundation, and new lecturers, from the different facets of fashion design are brought in to share their experiences with the attendees. Past Presidents have included: Didier Grumbach (President of the French Fédération de la Couture, 2002), Charles Kleibacker (Couturier and Curator of the Columbus Museum of Art, 2003), Florence Muller (Fashion Art Historian and Curator, 2004), Jean-Charles de Castelbajac (Iconic Fashion Designer, 2005), Olivier Saillard (Fashion Curator at the Louvre Fashion Museum, 2006) and Veronique Branquinho (Contemporary Fashion Designer, 2007).

The successful Tandem-Series, an open dialogue amongst guest speakers and audience members, is constantly addressing the challenges and opportunities of the fashion industry. Soon after, the CarteBlanche-Series was introduced, giving room to exhibit the works of students, and designers from around the world. This series allows designers to manage, set up mounted exhibitions in host galleries and museums. In 2005, the MasterClass-Series was initiated, offering to students to work intensively during 5 days under the direction of world-renowned designers. In 2007, the Debut-Series presented 4 young designer first ever collections on the runway. The year 2008 will see the opening of unique and creative oriented 4-week summer programs in Europe, in collaboration with the traditional and public famous applied art schools: Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Visuels de La Cambre - Brussels and the Ecole Superieure des Arts Appliques de Duperre - Paris.

In April 2006, the Paris organisation announced it no longer retained its main sponsorship and was closing the book on an illustrious period of 23 years supporting and launching thousands of young talented fashion designers. Fortunately, the Arts of Fashion Foundation has received the support of our Paris counterpart and was given the Grand Prize awarded at the final rounds in Paris, the one-year scholarship at the renowned fashion schools from the Chambre Syndicale in Paris to present the winners of the U.S. competition, a six-week scholarship at the creative fashion department La Cambre Mode[s] in Brussels as well as internships in European creative fashion design Houses (Anne-Valerie Hash, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac in Paris, Veronique Branquinho in Antwerp and Wendy & Jim in Vienna).

Not only the Arts of Fashion Foundation has entered a new era in 2007, with the U.S. Competition growing from a national, to become an international showcase of talent (91 schools from 29 countries) but YKK of America has joined the foundation as a new partner, the accessories designer Natalia Brilli has added her name on the award prestigious list as well as the qualitative Duperre fashion department from the applied art school of Paris with a new scholarship.

San Francisco January 10, 2008

Board of Honors

Didier Grumbach, 2002
Colombe Nicholas, 2002
Charles Kleibacker, 2003
Jiwon Shin, 2003
Francine Pairon, 2003
Gert Van de Keulen, 2003
Emmanuelle Linard, 2003
Philip Fimano, 2003
Summer Skrzelowski, 2003
Florence Muller, 2004
Beth Charleston, 2004
Carole Collet, 2004
Tony Delcampe, 2004
Crstof Beaufays, 2004
Aurore de la Morinerie, 2004
Luciana Val, 2004
Franco Musso, 2004
Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, 2005
Stephanie Coudert, 2005
Hermann Fankhauser, 2005
Helga Scania, 2005
Elodie Blanchard, 2005
Galya Rosenfeld, 2005
Bradley Quinn, 2005
Etienne Mineur, 2005
Elisabeth Paillie, 2005
Kathryn Hillier, 2005
Taiko Onorato, 2005
Nico Krebs, 2005
Olivier Saillard, 2006
Jeffrey Banks, 2006
Alain Coblence, 2006
Anne Valerie Hash, 2006
Peter Hermesdorf, 2006
Francois Brocca, 2006
Susanna Lau, 2006
Anthony Vaccarello, 2006
Julien Dossena, 2006
Veronique Branquinho, 2007
Susan Scafidi, 2007
Ann Claes, 2007
Laurent Edmond, 2007
Thierry Rondenet, 2007
Herve Yvrenogeau, 2007
Daniele Controversio, 2007
Natalia Brilli, 2007
Isabelle Blandiaux, 2007
Sandra Backlund, 2007
Matthieu Blazy, 2007
Megan Stein, 2007
Douglas Reker, 2007
Carlos Santiago, 2007
David Gil, 2007

Board of Trustees

Dr. Jeanne Belhumeur
Dr. Katherine Bourguignon
Adrian Cooper
Tony Delcampe
Nathalie Doucet
Dr. Angelo Miatello
Douglas Reker
Jiwon Shin

Board of Officers

Nathalie Doucet,
Fashion Designer, former U.S. Fashion Professor and Coordinator of the AF-Competition,
Consultant - San Francisco, CA
President of the Arts of Fashion Foundation.

Radley Cramer,
Director, Fashion Design program Marist College - Poughkeepsie NY & Lorenzo de Medici
Firenze - Italy
Director of Communication & External Affairs - Public Relation of the Arts of Fashion Foundation.

Jean Parsons, PhD
Associate Professor of Apparel, Educational Studies, and Hospitality Management - Iowa State University
Director of Collaborative Educational Initiatives & Research of the Arts of Fashion Foundation.

Charles Freeman,
Fashion Design Teaching Assistant, Florida State University
Director of Educational Activities of the Arts of Fashion Foundation.

Philippe Houeix,
Interior Architect and Product Designer, P-H-Consulting San Francisco, CA
Treasurer of the Arts of Fashion Foundation.

John Rebel,
Attorney at Law - Cincinnati, OH

Shady Elias,
Marketing Coordinator, Arts of Fashion Foundation.


The Arts of Fashion Foundation is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to international cultural exchanges through a variety of events meant to facilitate critical thinking among artists, designers, scholars, and students.

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