BETHANY MIKELL - Academy of Art University - USA

Resilience may be defined as "an ability to adjust easily to misfortune". Cordyceps are a genus of parasitic fungi that overtake a host's body bringing about its death, and subsequently sprout colorful spores from within the dead husk. The resulting fruiting bodies of the fungi represent a rebirth, in that cordyceps use the dead host to produce a colorful natural landscape in an array of eye-catching organic shapes. "Cordyception" represents the resilience of a dead spider, a dead grasshopper, and a dead ant, whose bodies have combined with cordyceps to become something entirely new. (Bethany Mikell will present silhouettes 2 & 3)



Academy of Arts University


CREDIT | Designer: Bethany Mikell | Photo: Nicolas Ardelean | Models: Amanda Cash & Britain Ryan Lonie | Makeup & Hairstyle: San Francisco Institute of Esthetics & Cosmetology

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