KA YEE CHAN - Fashion Institute of Technology - USA

Ka Yee Chan - Tendency against negative energy needs to grow. Resilience, mindset, lifestyles need to develop. To have a productive, meaningful life and to bring joy to others, you have to appreciate that you are the author of your own life. 
Yarn itself has the ability to determine its strength, moreover, its resilience. The different sizes of yarns and needles perform different tendencies and gauges in the garments, thus, allow one to create timeless quality pieces of garments.

(Ka Yee Chan will present the silhouettes 1 & 2)

Ka Yee


Fashion Institute of Technology


CREDIT | Designer: Ka Yee Chan | Photo: Nicolas Ardelean | Models: Alexis Ren & Andrea Worsoe| Makeup & Hairstyle: San Francisco Institute of Esthetics & Cosmetology

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