KATE PINE - Wizo Design Academy - Israel

Resilience is defined as the capacity of material, subjected to strain to recover its previous form after the termination of the external forces on them due to deformation. When the body is under significant deformation, the material partially loses its eleastic properties.
Kate Pine's project is based on the material properties. She combined the simplicity of form with unusual prints. She wanted to prove that handmade can looktechnical and may give the effect of plasticity. For this purpose, she used the technique of an eclectic mix: crochet with geometric knitting pattern and abstract prints.
(Kate Pines will present the silhouettes 2 and 3 from left)



Wizo Design Academy


CREDIT | Designer: Kate Pine | Photo: Nicolas Ardelean | Models: Anna Kawakami & Louise Wandwell | Makeup & Hairstyle: San Francisco Institute of Esthetics & Cosmetology

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