SEON RIM LEE - DongSeo University - South Korea

The Human Resilience - Human Nature has changed over the centuries, despite a strong tendency against change. In the overall Universe, there are planets orbiting around the sun, with the sun playing the central role, the planets always going through the same circle, showing resilience and consistency. As a parallel, human beings show the same resilience, and always function as humans, around consistent concepts. Seon Rim Lee's designs always try to exhibit the real human essence, exposing the resilience, the inner core, and the true essence of being human. (Seon Rim Lee will present silhouettes 1 & 2 from left)

Seon Rim


Dongseo University

South Korea

Seon Rim Lee

CREDIT | Designer: Seon Rim Lee | Photo: Nicolas Ardelean | Models: Anastasia Thatcher & Alice Kesler | Makeup & Hairstyle: San Francisco Institute of Esthetics & Cosmetology

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