SERGHEI YACENIN - National University of Arts Bucharest - Romania

Resilience - The ability of a substance or object to return to its original shape by reformulating innovative construction (after being bent, stretched or pressed).
Having in mind the concept of Resilience as a starting point, Serghei Yacenin's attempt was to create a minimal line of outfits that focus on the luxury of essentiality - clean lines and innovative construction in a black silk crepe de Chine with no embellishment or frippery - highlighting the return to essential, to the basic form and function. Serghei Yacenin also wanted to mirror a contemporary idea of feminity, characterized bya monastic aesthetic which rejects feminity stereotypes and focuses on a pure design - clothes designed on the body, unfussy andwith practical shapes for active, urban women. Serghei Yaceninimagined fluid silhouettes, pervaded by a mystical vibe, and made in black - the color which induces a pensive mood.
(Serghei Yacenin will present the silhouettes 1 & 2 from left)



National University of Arts Bucharest


CREDIT | Designer: Serghei Yacenin | Photo: Nicolas Ardelean | Models: Sarah Hoxie & Irin Surungsuriyakun | Makeup & Hairstyle: San Francisco Institute of Esthetics & Cosmetology

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