The 14th annual Arts of Fashion Foundation Rendez-Vous, developed around another intensive two-day schedule, took place in the downtown of San Francisco, on October 26 and 27, 2015. Starting with Tandem-series - a conversation with Haute Couture designer Stephanie Coudert, who presided over the Jury, and San Francisco Fashion expert Jacques Pantazes, followed by a Portfolio session in the morning and the Jury session with Jonathan Cheung - Senior VP of Design at Levi Strauss & Co, the event culminated with a fantastic Fashion Show presenting the selected emerging talents from around the world with tremendous potential.

8 Fashion candidates were awarded for their exceptional creative work and vision around the theme of the year 2015: Translation.The Jury also decided to give two honorable mentions to designer Anezka Tumova - University of West Bohemia, Pilsens - Czech Rep. for her Accessory project and designer Lina Maria Ibanez Coronado - Colegiatura Colombiana, Medellin - Colombia.

Special thanks to the 24 candidates who joined us in San Francisco this year with family members, guests, jurors and the co-host Chairs Committee. Congratulation to all selected student designers - Credit photo for the awarded students below - Carly Cram

Qinwen Wei

MAISON LESAGE PARIS AWARD – YUPEI CAO | Tsinghua University, Shenzen - China
Yupei Cao's inspiration originated from painted bricks and stones in the Han dynasty, miroring the earlier culture and life style of Han people, the ancient Chinese. The designer expected that his understanding of Han's painted bricks would bring the unadorned and childish arts to lights, encouraging people to find more warmth and solicitude in the communication between human and nature.

RyongGi Oh's inspiration comes from the latmu people in Papua New Guinea, who cut flesh of the body to resemble the skin of a crocodile in order to become crocodile spirits. The designer would like to present this ancient spiritual culture from the country to the city by using the same shapes and patterns in his designs as the latmul people.


MANISH ARORA AWARD – KA KI YIP | Hong Kong Polytechnic University - Hong Kong
Ka Ki Yip's concept - Nowadays, humans keep developing without considering the environment. Our planet tries hard to warn us in its language but most people just turn a blind eye to it. Here's the project of translation from now to our planet's future. In the years ahead, our planet may completely become a ruin due to the over developments. We are running up to the biophysical boundaries that enable human civilization as we know it to exist. We are crossing the recommended thresholds which could generate abrupt and possibly irreversible environmental changes. In the future, the new assimilatory coloration would be inspired by polution. People will live without notions of self-destruction till the end of the world. This menswear collection is inspired by the chaos and destruction that could happen in the future. A juxtaposition of graphic, shapes, and textures creatively worked into structures garments.


ANNE VALERIE HASH AWARD – SIVAN LEVIN | The NB School of Design, Haifa - Israel
Silvan Levin concept - The point OFF you - Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia, the world's largest salt pan. The combinaison of the white glare and the endless plain creates deceptive surface., the further become close and the big-little. This is cheating the rules of perspectives. Her collection is devoted to my good friend that that place took her life.


Maria Alejandra Parra Parodi concept - The simplification of a language in which each character transforms into spheres, and connectors evolve into nodes. Braille serves as a translation towards knowledge. The body has been driven away from knowledge in order to develop the view as a main source of information. The designer ultimate goal is to rescue a fragmented construction that gives rise to a glabal lecture.

Qinwen Wei

AOF SCHOLARSHIP PARIS SUMMER MASTERCLASS – TIANYUAN TAO | Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology - China
Tianyuan Tao concept is around the mystery of the birth of the traditional culture.


Laurensia Salim concept is inspired by Jacques Derrida's philosophy which challenged the idea of fixed structure, fused with Zaha Hadid's deconstructed buildings, which have been translated into irregular plastic patchworks and 3D printed pieces.


AOF SCHOLARSHIP PARIS SUMMER MASTERCLASS – BINLI HE | Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology - China
Binle He concept - The inspiration of the series of daydream walker comes from Katy Perry's MTV "This is how we do", which appears grabbing tacos, palm trees, car restaurant and huge letter signs reminding her of her last year's trip to Los Angeles. The daydream walker that she created refers to three girls who like wandering the street, looking for inspiration from city with neon lights. They seem unconcerned but full of life. They probably can't afford Michelin restaurant or designer Couture. But so what? One of the first things that we should do is to find pleasure in life, living for ourselves. So Binle He combines the traditional weaving techniques and the method of dealing with PVC to create her own fabric.



- Remember that the access to the event is free of charge for all candidates and one of their family member travelling with them.
- Please join us on Monday Oct 26 at 2PM, at the Public Library of San Francisco - 100 Larkin Street at the Koret Auditorium, to attend the Seminar and the Tandem-series with Paris-based Haute Couture designer - Stephanie Coudert, who will preside the Jury of the Competition.
- On Tuesday Oct 27 at 9AM, at the Bently Reserve - entrance 400 Sansome Street, candidates will receive their badge and will be granted access to a Portfolio session with jury members. At 3PM, it will be the Jury session with a runway show presentation. At 6PM, candidates are invited to the Opening of the Exhibition and to the VIP Reception. At 7:30PM, the Fashion Show and Awards Ceremony will start!
- Tickets to attend the Fashion Show & Awards Ceremony available: LINK



Congratulations to the 50 selected students:

Hualei YU | China - Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
Ka Ki YIP | Hong Kong - Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Man Wai WONG | UK - Notthingham Trent University
Laurensia SALIM | Singapore - Raffles Design Institute
Selena MANDA | Singapore - Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Linqi HAO | China - Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
Yupei CAO | China - Tsinghua University
Ewa BURAK | UK - University of East London
Binli HE | China - Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
Maria Alejandra PARRA PARODI | Colombia - Colegiatura Colombiana
Marta Di DONATO | Italy - Istituto Europeo di Design
Ng YEE PING | UK - Notthingham Trent University
Sivan LEVIN | Israel - NB School of Design
Yue KONG | China - Fudan University - Shanghai Institute of Visual Art
Lina Maria IBANEZ CORONADO | Colombia - Colegiatura Colombiana
Li QIUPING | China - Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
Joon-Sik SHIN | UK - University of the Arts - London College of Fashion
Zexian LIU | China - Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
Anežka TUMOVA | Czech Rep. - University of West Bohemia - Inst. of Design & Art
Evija SAITERE | Latvia - Art Academy of Latvia
Ana-Raluca MANDITA | Bucarest - Universitatea Naționala de Arte
Dongni XU | China - Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
Ya GAO | USA | NY - Parsons The New School for Design
Myra CHUNG | USA | IL - Harper College
Liujing WAN | China - Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
Yi Rang IM | South Korea - Incheon National University
Ai Ting KO | Taiwan - Shih Chien University
Wei GUO | China - Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
Tia FENG | New Zealand - Auckland University of Technology
Sivan AVNI | Israel - NB School of Design
Diego Alonso GOEZ | Colombia - Academia Superior de Artes
Rita DIAS| Portugal - Universidade de Lisboa - Arquitectura
Seungmi LEE | South Korea - Seoul Women University
Ching HAU | UK - University of the Arts - London College of Fashion
Chang QUAN | China - Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
TIanyuan TAO |China - Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
Haining ZHU | USA | NY - Parsons The New School for Design
Juliana NG | Singapore - Raffles Design Institute
Jeremy HO | USA | NY - Parsons The New School for Design
Pauliina JOKIVUO | Finland - Lahti University of Applied Sciences - Inst. of Design
Yuk Kwan LAU | UK - Notthingham Trent University
June KIM | USA | NY - Cornell University
Dahee JANG | South Korea - Seoul Women University
Pierre O. LAVALLEE MORISSETTE | Canada - College LaSalle - Montreal
Jiamin Li | Australia - University of Technology - Sydney
Olivia RUBENS | Canada - Ryerson University
Marta BENET MORERA | Spain - Polytechnic University of Valencia
RyongGi OH | Japan - Osaka Mode Gakuen
Chen SHANGYI | China - Hubei Institute of Fine Arts


The De Young Museum of San Francisco will generously host, for the third time (2007 and 2012), this new jury session on May 23, 2015.

An international group constituted of selected fashion faculty members (Australia, Canada, Mexico, South Korea and the United States) will meet together and review 312 fashion student projects received from 34 countries and from more than 120 Schools and Universities.

Projects will be selected that day and results will be published soon after on this page. The 50 selected fashion students (which will also be informed by email) will have to realise 2 silhouettes out of 3 submitted within their developed concept collection.

The preliminary judging took place on May 23, and was generously hosted at the DeYoung Museum. Thanks to everyone involved in this process including jurors and volunteers. (Photo - Michael Paul Snyder)

Thanks to our 9-year-in-a-row Partner - YKK (U.S.A) Inc, 50 selected fashion projects will be presented on a runway style Fashion Show , in front of another jury of international Fashion professionals, to be awarded for their creativity, inventiveness, innovation and craft on October 27, 2015.






Promote and reward creativity and inventiveness; discover emerging talent and facilitate careers; establish enriching contacts and exchanges between different countries, schools and universities; and to foster new relationships between those from different industries and fields.

The 2015 first laureates will receive Awards and a Certification for their creative and original work based on theme. (Judging based on coherence with the theme, skill level, creativity and artful expressiveness)

Anne Valerie Hash Award
3-month internship at Anne Valerie Hash - Paris, FRANCE

Manish Arora Award
4-month internship at Manish Arora - New Delhi, INDIA

Maison Lesage - Paris Award
4-week internship at the studio of Maison Lesage - Paris, FRANCE

The Paris Arts of Fashion Awards
4-week scholarship at the Arts of Fashion MasterClass program at Les Arts Decoratifs - Paris, FRANCE




Remember as long as you are still a student at the time of the submission project (April 1st, 2015), you can participate!

And not the least, this unique international fashion student competition is open to any fashion and design students, regardless of their School, University or Country.

Argentina | Buenos Aires - Universidad de Palermo
Australia | Melbourne - Melbourne School of Fashion
Australia | Melbourne - Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Australia | Melbourne - Whitehouse Institute of Design
Australia | North Sydney - Raffles College of Design and Commerce
Australia | Perth - Curtin University
Australia | Sydney - University of Technology Sydney
Australia | Sydney - Whitehouse Institute of Design
Australia | Victoria - Kangan Institute
Australia | Victoria - Open Colleges
Bulgaria | Varna - Varna Free University
Canada | Montreal - LaSalle College
Canada | Surrey - Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Canada | Toronto - George Brown College
Canada | Toronto - Ryerson University
Canada | Vancouver - Blanche McDonald Center
China | Beijing - Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
China | Beijing - Beijing University of Technology
China | Beijing - China Central Academy of Fine Arts
China | Chongqing - Sichuan Fine Arts Institute
China | Shanghai - Shanghai Institute of Visual Art
China | Shanghai - Shanghai University of Engineering Science - IFA
China | Shenzhen - Tsinghua University
China | Wuhan - Hubei Institute of Fine Arts
China | Wuhan - Wuhan DongHu University
China | Wuhan - Wuhan Textile University
Colombia | Medellin - Academia Superior de Artes
Colombia | Medellin - Colegiatura Colombiana
Colombia | Medellin - Fundación Universitaria del Área Andina
Colombia | Medellin - Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana
Czech Rep. | Liberec - Technical University of Liberec
Czech Rep. | Prague - Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design
Czech Rep. | Pilsen - University of West Bohemia
Czech Rep. | Usti - University J.E. Purkyne
Denmark | Copenhagen - Royal Danish Art Academy
Finland | Hämeenlinna - HAMK - University of Applied Sciences
Finland | Lahti - Lahti University of Applied Sciences - Inst. of Design
France | Paris - Esmod
Hong Kong | Hong Kong - Hong Kong Polytechnic University
India | Bengaluru - National Institute of Fashion Technology
India | Jaipur - Pearl Academy
India | Kangra - National Institute of Fashion Technology
India | Kolkata - National Institute of Fashion Technology
India | Mumbai - National Institute of Fashion Technology
India | New Delhi - National Institute of Fashion Technology
India | Shillong - National Institute of Fashion Technology
India | Utta Pradesh - School of Fashion Technology
Indonesia | Jakarta - Bunka School of Fashion
Indonesia | Jakarta - LaSalle College International
Israel | Haifa - NB Haifa School of Design
Israel | Jerusalem - Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design
Ireland | Dublin - Sallynoggin College of Further Education
Italy | Milan - Istituto Europeo di Design
Japan | Osaka - Osaka Mode Gakuen
Latvia | Riga - Art Academia of Latvia
Malaysia | Negeri Sembilan - Vocational College
Mexico | Guadalajara - Centro Internacional de Innovacion & Diseno
Mexico | Monterrey - Centro de Estudios de Diseno de Monterrey
New Zealand | Auckland - Auckland University of Technology
Peru | Lima - Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas
Portugal | Castelo Branco - Instituto Politecnico de Castelo Branco
Portugal | Lisboa - Universidade de Lisboa - Arquitectura
Portugal | Porto - Escola de Moda do Porto
Portugal | Porto - Escola Gudi
Romania | Bucarest - Universitatea Naționala de Arte
Romania | Timisoara - West University of Timișoara
Russian Federation | Volgograd - Volgograd College of Technology
Singapore | Singapore - LaSalle College of the Arts
Singapore | Singapore - Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Singapore | Singapore - Raffles Design Institute
South Korea | Busan - DongSeo University
South Korea | Daegu - Daegu University
South Korea | Incheon - Incheon National University
South Korea | Seoul - Fashion Institute Kolon
South Korea | Seoul - Hong-Ik University
South Korea | Seoul - Myongji University
South Korea | Seoul - Samsung Art & Design Institute - SADI
South Korea | Seoul - Seoul Women University
South Korea | Seoul - SungShin University
Spain | Valencia - Polytechnic University of Valencia
Switzerland | Basel - University of Sciences & Arts NorthWestern - FHNW
Taiwan | Taipei - Shih Chien University
Thailand | Bangkok - Chanapatana International Design Institute
United Arab Emirates | Dubai - Heriot-Watt University
United Arab Emirates | Dubai - Preston University
United Arab Emirates | Sharjah - University of Sharjah
United Kingdom | Aberdeen - Robert Gordon University
United Kingdom | London - University of East London
United Kingdom | London - University of the Arts - Central Saint Martins College
United Kingdom | London - University of the Arts - London College of Fashion
United Kingdom | Leeds - Leeds College of Art and Design
United Kingdom | Nottingham - Nottingham Trent University
USA | Alameda CA - College of Alameda
USA | Ames IA - Iowa State University
USA | Boston MA - Massachusetts College of Art and Design
USA | Chicago IL - Columbia College of Chicago
USA | Chicago IL - The Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago
USA | Chicago IL - The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

USA | Columbia MO - Stephens College
USA | Columbus OH - Columbus College of Art & Design
USA | Davis CA - University of California - Davis
USA | East Lansing Mi - Michigan State University
USA | Greensboro NC - University of North Carolina
USA | Houston TX - The Art Institute of Houston
USA | Ithaca NY - Cornell University
USA | Kent OH - University of North Carolina
USA | Manoa HI - University of Hawaii
USA | Miami FL - Miami International University of Art & Design

USA | Newark DE - University of Delaware
USA | New York NY - Fashion Institute of Technology
| New York NY - Parsons The New School for Design

USA | Palatine IL - Harper College
USA | Pasadena CA - Art Center College of Design
USA | Philadelphia PA - Drexel University
USA | Philadelphia PA - The Art Institute of Philadelphia
USA | Portland OR - The Art Institute of Portland
USA | Pullman WA - Washington State University
USA | San Francisco CA - Academy of Art University
USA | San Francisco CA - Apparel Arts
USA | San Francisco CA - Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising
USA | San Francisco CA - The Art Institute of California - San Francisco
USA | Tuscaloosa AL - University of Alabama

3. CALENDAR 2015

- April 1, 2015: Submission deadline for all application materials received at the Arts of Fashion Foundation - San Francisco
- May 23, 2015: Jury session
- End of May 25, 2015: Candidates selected for the International Final will be listed on the Arts of Fashion website
- Oct. 1, 2015: Submission deadline for all selected projects to be received at the Arts of Fashion Foundation - San Francisco

- October 26-27, 2015: Arts of Fashion Symposium & Competition 2015 - San Francisco


The competition is open to students studying Fashion and Design anywhere in the world during the academic year 2014-2015. Participants will not only represent themselves, but also their Schools, Colleges or Universities, as well as their Countries.
- Candidates must be current students and cannot be professionally employed in the fashion industry at the time of the submission of their project.
- Candidates must design their own original projects completely by themselves.
- Candidates must follow the design and specifications outlined in their application for realization of their final project.
- Registration must be submitted on an individual basis and in the chosen categories.
- Online registration, applications, and final projects received after the deadlines will not be accepted. Registration fees are non refundable.
- Projects selected in the International Final 2015 cannot be presented in another U.S. competition during the year 2015. Projects selected in the International Final 2015 cannot be exibited and published without the written mention: selected or awarded for the Arts of Fashion International Student Competition 2015.


1st STEP
NOW: Online registration begins ($40 registration fee for one category or $75 for both categories)
to design a capstone collection: The application materials should be completed as listed below.

- 1 page for the 3 illustrations or plan of collection
- 1 page for each illustration
- 1 page for each flats/technical designs
- 1 page for the fabric and material swatches
- 1 page for the developed concept or atmosphere or mood board
- 1 page for the written concept (maximum 100 words)
- 1 resume / CV of the applicant
- 1 student ID (photocopy) 2014-15 of the applicant

Format of each page: 8.5" x 11" or A4 / Letter – and on separate pages (do not try to bind or mount it or else) – name and school and email address and cell phone number should be written on the back of each page with a pencil

2nd STEP
April 1, 2015: Deadline for all application materials to be received at this address: The Arts of Fashion Foundation - 555 California Street - Suite 4925 - San Francisco CA, 94104 - USA (use a sturdy cardboard envelope to avoid any damage to application materials).

3rd STEP
End of May, 2015: The candidates invited to continue on to the International Final will be announced on the AOF website, along with instructions and specifications for completion of the final projects.

4th STEP
October 1, 2015: Deadline for all selected projects to be received.

Late projects will not be accepted under any circumstances. It is the candidates’ responsibility to arrange for verification of shipment with their shipping company.
-The realization of the project should follow the instructions and measurements provided on the AOF website (just below).
-Fashion projects should include shoes (size 9-10), and any particular stockings, undergarments, or accessories that the model should wear.
-Every outfit is requested be sent in a separate transparent garment bag (with your name and address written on it), appropriate hangers, and one precise instruction page in a plastic sleeve (photos can be added if necessary) to help the dressers. When sending your project from abroad please indicate that it is a student fashion project and do not add value. If you add value you are responsible for possible custom taxes.

Entries will be automatically disqualified from the competition for the following reasons:

- If the final project does not follow the design or specifications outlined in the candidate’s original application.
- If they are received after the deadline.
- If they may result in any copyright infringement or legal dispute for the jury, organizers, sponsors, or host university.
- If they pressure for preferential treatment by the jury members, the hosting university, the organizers, or sponsors of the competition.

Applications and Final Projects will be judged by experts and well-known professionals from fashion, design, media, and other fields. In all matters concerning the course of the competition, including the selection of award winners and settling disputes, the decisions of the judges are final. All matters will be decided by majority vote and are not subject to appeal. In case of a tie, the President of the Jury will cast the deciding vote. Candidates will be presented anonymously to the first round Jury by the competition organizers. Jury deliberations will not be made public.


Candidates maintain artistic ownership of their designs and final projects. By the act of participating in the AOF competition, candidates give permission to the organizers and sponsors to contact and promote them and their projects through a wide range of media: press, TV, internet, mailing, advertising, exhibitions, fashion show, etc… for a period of twelve months following the International Final. Winning projects cannot be presented in another U.S. competition for twelve months following the International Final.
If a winning project is exhibited or published in any media, mention of the Arts of Fashion Competition is required.

In the event the AOF Competition 2015 is suspended or terminated for any reason, the organizers, as well as the sponsors, will not be held responsible in any way.

The Arts of Fashion Foundation and its members, volunteers, guests and instructors, and the host University will not in any way be responsible for any accident, damage or loss of the final projects or candidates’ belongings during the course of competition, including workshops, masterclass, conference, exhibition, transportation, and all events. It is the responsibility of the participants to insure their submissions.

The Arts of Fashion Foundation is a San Francisco-based 501(c)(3), public, non-profit organization, linking both academics and professionals alike and is dedicated in fostering international cultural exchange through the creation of a variety of educational programs meant to facilitate critical thinking and advance the field of fashion among artists, designers, scholars and students.The primary focus of the foundation is the continuous support of creativity and design process in fashion and the arts linked to it.