To participate to the international Arts of Fashion competition 2017, applicants should register online. The application fee is $40 for the Fashion or Accessory category. If applicants wish to register in both categories, the application fee is $75. After confirmation of registration each applicant should submit a file of drawings/illustrations of a mini collection of 3 outfits in menswear, womenswear or a mixed collection of both menswear and womenswear or 3 accessories.

- Please read carefully the regulations below and remember that the AoFF competition is open to students registered in a School or University during the year 2016/2017 and especially before the deadline to receive their project: April 1st, 2017.
- When a first student from an institution registered, the name of his/her School or University appears on the AoFF website page of the competition. The main criteria for being part of the first 50 selected are truly creativity in Fashion design and concept, as well as a well-crafted project.
- When the first jury meets at the end of April, samples of fabric / material are also highly inportant in the student file. This is why we do not accept file submission online.

With regards to the rise of design competitions being increasingly managed by fashion businesses and their communication offices for commercial gains, the Arts of Fashion Foundation is proud to assure students that the Arts of Fashion competition has been organized by a group of volunteers and designers for more than 10 years with no commercial motives. This unique competition is dedicated solely to celebrate emerging designers and their creativit.
- Student work is protected and therefore not in view, nor is sold to trend offices and design studios.
- Students don't give up the intellectual property rights of their designs when they participate in the competition of the Arts of Fashion Foundation.
- Student projects received by April 1st are judged by a carefully selected jury of fashion design professors who travel on their own budget.
- The 50 selected students finalists present their work on the runway in front of carefully selected jury of fashion professionals at the end of october in san Francisco. They compete for scholarships allowing them to participate to the unique MasterClasses and apprenticeships with creative studios around the world.

The Arts of Fashion is dedicated to bringing the best sources of education and research to students and designers.
Credit Photo - Luciana Val and Franco Musso

By filling out this form, I declare to have read the general conditions for participation as well as the rules & regulations of the competition below and I agree to abide by them fully.

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University - School
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Category Choice / Fash / Acc / Both
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Australia | Lismore - North Coast Institute-TAFE
Australia | Melbourne - Melbourne School of Fashion
Australia | Melbourne - Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology-RMIT
Australia | Melbourne - Whitehouse Institute of Design
Australia | Perth - Curtin University
Canada | Montreal - College LaSalle-LCI Montreal
Canada | Montreal - University of Quebec
Canada | Toronto - Seneca College
Canada | Vancouver - Vancouver Community College
China | Beijing - Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
Colombia | Bogota - College LaSalle-LCI Bogota
Colombia | Medellin - Colegiatura Colombiana
Czech Rep. | Pilsen - University of West Bohemia-FSFDA
Egypt | Cairo - Helwan University
Egypt | Cairo - Modern Sciences & Arts University
Finland | Lahti - Lahti University of Applied Sciences
Germany | Berlin - Esmod
Holland | Amsterdam - Amsterdam Fashion Institute
Hong Kong | Hong Kong - Hong Kong Design Institute
Hong Kong | Hong Kong - Hong Kong Polytechnic University
India | Mumbai - National Institute of Fashion Technology
Italy | Milan - Istituto Marangoni
Italy | Venezia - University IUAV di Venezia
Japan | Tokyo - Tokyo Mode Gakuen
Latvia | Riga - Art Academy of Latvia
Mexico | Mexico - Istituto di Moda Burgo
Mexico | Mexico - Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Moda
Mexico | Monterrey - Universidad de Monterrey-UDEM
Poland | Cracow - Cracow School of Art & Fashion Design-SAPU
South Korea | Seoul - Dankook University
Spain | Barcelona - College LaSalle-LCI Barcelona
Taiwan | Taipei - Shih Chien University
UK | Birmingham - Birmingham City University
UK | Edinburgh - University of Edinburgh
UK | London - London College of Fashion
UK | London - University of East London
USA | Chicago, IL - School of the Art Institute of Chicago
USA | East Lansing, MI - Michigan State University
USA | Houston, TX - The Art Institutes
USA | Las Vegas, NV - University of Nevada
USA | Los Angeles, CA - Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising
USA | Miami, FL - Miami International University of Art & Design
USA | Newark, DE - University of Delaware
USA | New York, NY - Fashion Institute of Technology-FIT
USA | New York, NY - Parsons School of Design-The New School
USA | Overland Park, KS - Johnson County Community College
USA | Philadelphia, PA - Drexel University
USA | San Francisco, CA - Academy of Art
USA | Statesboro, GA - Georgia Southern University
Vietnam | Ho Chi Minh - ADS Vietnam Design Institute




Promote and reward creativity and inventiveness; discover emerging talent and facilitate careers; establish enriching contacts and exchanges between different countries, schools and universities; and to foster new relationships between those from different industries and fields.

The 2017 first laureates will receive Awards and a Certification for their creative and original work based on theme. (Judging based on coherence with the theme, skill level, creativity and artful expressiveness)

Anne Valerie Hash Award
3-month internship at Anne Valerie Hash - Paris, FRANCE

Manish Arora Award
4-month internship at Manish Arora - New Delhi, INDIA

Maison Lesage - Paris Award
4-week internship at the studio of Maison Lesage - Paris, FRANCE

Maison Lemarie - Paris Award
4-week internship at the studio of Maison Lemarie - Paris, FRANCE

The Paris Arts of Fashion Foundation Awards
4-week scholarship at the Arts of Fashion MasterClass program hosted at Les Arts Decoratifs - Paris, FRANCE


3. CALENDAR 2017

- April 1, 2017: Submission deadline for all application materials received at the Arts of Fashion Foundation - San Francisco
- May 2017: Jury session, candidates selected for the International Final will be listed on the Arts of Fashion website
- September 23, 2017: Submission deadline for all selected projects to be received at the Arts of Fashion Foundation - San Francisco

- October 18-22, 2017: Arts of Fashion Symposium MasterClass
- October 23-24, 2017: Arts of Fashion Symposium (Tandem & Fashion Edu - Series) & Competition & Awards Ceremony 2017


The competition is open to students studying Fashion, Art and Design anywhere in the world during the academic year 2016-2017. Participants will not only represent themselves, but also their Schools, Colleges or Universities, as well as their Countries.
- Candidates must be current students and cannot be professionally employed in the fashion industry at the time of the submission of their project.
- Candidates must design their own original projects completely by themselves.
- Candidates must follow the design and specifications outlined in their application for realization of their final project.
- Registration must be submitted on an individual basis and in the chosen categories.
- Online registration, applications, and final projects received after the deadlines will not be accepted. Registration fees are non refundable.
- Projects selected in the International Final 2017 cannot be presented in another U.S. competition during the year 2017. Projects selected in the International Final 2017 cannot be exibited and published without the written mention: selected or awarded for the Arts of Fashion International Student Competition 2017.


1st STEP
NOW: Online registration begins ($40 registration fee for one category or $75 for both categories)
to design a capstone collection: The application materials should be completed as listed below.

- 1 page for the 3 illustrations or plan of collection
- 1 page for each illustration
- 1 page for each flats/technical designs
- 1 page for the fabric and material swatches
- 1 page for the developed concept or atmosphere or mood board
- 1 page for the written concept in English (maximum 100 words)
- 1 resume / CV of the applicant
- 1 student ID (photocopy) 2016-17 of the applicant

Format of each page: 8.5" x 11" or A4 / Letter – and on separate pages (do not try to bind or mount it or else) – name and school and email address and cell phone number should be written on the back of each page with a pencil

2nd STEP
April 1, 2017: Deadline for all application materials to be received at this address: The Arts of Fashion Foundation - 555 California Street - Suite 4925 - San Francisco CA, 94104 - USA (use a sturdy cardboard envelope to avoid any damage to application materials).

3rd STEP
May 2017: The candidates invited to continue on to the International Final will be announced on the AOF website, along with instructions and specifications for completion of the final projects.

4th STEP
September 23, 2017: Deadline for all selected projects to be received.

Late projects will not be accepted under any circumstances. It is the candidates’ responsibility to arrange for verification of shipment with their shipping company.
- The realization of the project should follow the instructions and measurements provided on the AOF website (just below).
- Fashion projects should include shoes (US women size 9-10 or European size 39-40), and any particular stockings, undergarments, or accessories that the model should wear.
- Every outfit is requested be sent in a separate transparent garment bag (with your name and address written on it), appropriate hangers, and one precise instruction page in a plastic sleeve (photos can be added if necessary) to help the dressers. When sending your project from abroad please indicate that it is a student fashion project and do not add value. If you add value you are responsible for possible custom taxes.

Entries will be automatically disqualified from the competition for the following reasons:

- If the final project does not follow the design or specifications outlined in the candidate’s original application.
- If they are received after the deadline.
- If they may result in any copyright infringement or legal dispute for the jury, organizers, sponsors, or host university.
- If they pressure for preferential treatment by the jury members, the hosting university, the organizers, or sponsors of the competition.

Applications and Final Projects will be judged by experts and well-known professionals from fashion, design, media, and other fields. In all matters concerning the course of the competition, including the selection of award winners and settling disputes, the decisions of the judges are final. All matters will be decided by majority vote and are not subject to appeal. In case of a tie, the President of the Jury will cast the deciding vote. Candidates will be presented anonymously to the first round Jury by the competition organizers. Jury deliberations will not be made public.


Candidates maintain artistic ownership of their designs and final projects. By the act of participating in the AOF competition, candidates give permission to the organizers and sponsors to contact and promote them and their projects through a wide range of media: press, TV, internet, mailing, advertising, exhibitions, fashion show, etc… for a period of twelve months following the International Final. Winning projects cannot be presented in another U.S. competition for twelve months following the International Final of October.
If a winning project is exhibited or published in any media, mention of the Arts of Fashion Competition is required.

In the event the AOF Competition 2017 is suspended or terminated for any reason, the organizers, as well as the sponsors, will not be held responsible in any way.

The Arts of Fashion Foundation and its members, volunteers, guests and instructors, and the host University will not in any way be responsible for any accident, damage or loss of the final projects or candidates’ belongings during the course of competition, including workshops, masterclass, conference, exhibition, transportation, and all events. It is the responsibility of the participants to insure their submissions.

The Arts of Fashion Foundation is a San Francisco-based 501(c)(3), public, non-profit organization, linking both academics and professionals alike and is dedicated in fostering international cultural exchange through the creation of a variety of educational programs meant to facilitate critical thinking and advance the field of fashion among artists, designers, scholars and students.The primary focus of the foundation is the continuous support of creativity and design process in fashion and the arts linked to it.