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With the support of YKK Corp. of America, we are pleased to announce that this year three new young designers have just been selected to present their first collection for Debut-Series 09 in Philadelphia! Amy Sarabi, Chelsea Snyder and Julianne Thibodeaux are the three winners 2009.

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Arts of Fashion 09 Debut Series - Amy Sarabi - YKK of AmericaArts of Fashion 09 Debut Series - Chelsea Snyder - YKK of AmericaArts of Fashion 09 Debut Series - Julianne Thibodeaux - YKK of America

On May 29-31, 2009 their project were selected with the advising Committee 09: Tony Delcampe / La Cambre Mode - Brussels, Belgium, Nathalie Doucet / Arts of Fashion - San Francisco, CA, Steven Faerm / Parsons the New School for Design - New York, NY, Dawn Marie Forsyth / Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising - Los Angeles, CA, Megan Hallo / Graduated Fashion Design Otis 09 - Los Angeles, CA, Jennifer Minniti / Centro de Estudios Sup. de Diseno, Monterrey - Mexico, Douglas Reker / Liz Claiborne - New York, NY, Andrea Reynders / School of the Art Institute - Chicago, IL, Nancy Riegelman / Art Center College Pasadena & FIDM - Los Angeles, CA, Henry Swartz / Virginia Commonwealth University - Richmond, VA.

They will received from YKK of America $2,000 (per person) in order to help them with their collection expenses.(flight and accommodations will also be covered) as well as the fastening supplies they may need for their project.

Amy Sarabi Project : "Tying the Knot" - Is exploring the union between two individuals and the innates complexities thar arise from their journey through life. The collection marries masculines and feminine attibutes which is symbolic of the intertwining and enmeshment of two people growing together and accumulating memories and experiences. The memories are represented by one of the earlies forms of fabric manipulation tying knots.

Chelsea Snyder project : "Inner-Tubes" - My inspiration started with recycling bike tire inner tube. I wove them together to create functional and versatile designs. In my design philosophy i always retain a feel for the city, specifically San Francisco. The lines in the technology and architecture, the alsphat, and the durability needed to survive are some of the things i think of when i design. I want to create designs that are versatile, durable and timeless.

Julianne Thibodeaux project : "Modern Metropolis" - I was inspired by the "Berlin Street Sceme" painting by an expresionnist artist from the 1910s, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. I was immediatly attracted to the vibrant colors and also the strong brush strockes he used. As I researched more, Krichner wanted to create a Chic or Stylish city street scene and really capture the true life of a metropolis.

They are no strangers to the Arts of Fashion:

  • Amy Sarabi - graduated from California College of Arts 2007 - was the recipient of the AoF Duperre Award 07 and has participated to the AOF Masterclasses since 2005. Presently Amy is a free lance assistant designer at Gap/ Old Navy in San Francisco.
  • Chelsea Snyder - graduated from the Academy of Art University 2007, former intern at Veronique Branquinho in Antwerp, was part of the AoF finalists and also took the AoF different masterclasses. Chelsea was assistant designer at Abercrombie and Fitch in Colombus - Ohio for a year and is back to San Francisco to develop her own brand.
  • Julianne Thibodeaux - graduated from Louisiana State University 2008 - was part of the AoF finalists 08 and also took the AoF Masterclasses in Miami and San Francisco.Today Julianne is an intern design assistant at Isaac Mizrahi in New York.

Congratulations to them all! Their projects reflect all their creativity and talent! Rendez-vous on the Arts of Fashion Runway on Oct 24-28, 2009 - Philadelphia Museum of Art @ Drexel Univesity - Philadelphia to discover their Debut collections!

DEBUT-SERIES 2009 | YKK Corp. of America - YKK (U.S.A.) Inc. |

Through the Debut-Series, the relationship the Arts of Fashion had built with students during their college years with the International Student Competition, the MasterClass-Series, and the intensive summer programs can continue to grow and bear fruit as those students become mature young professionals.

YKK Corp. of America / YKK (U.S.A.) Inc. involvement with the Arts of Fashion becomes more important and true to their logo (Little Parts. Big Difference) do in fact make another big difference; by assisting selected young designers, alumni of the Arts of Fashion’s programs, to bring their first collection on the runway in the Debut-Series.

YKK as such is recognized one more time for its true values: its long time commitment to innovation and creativity within the fashion industry, the respect and care for the future generation, including its concern for the environment. YKK Corp. of America / YKK (U.S.A.) Inc. sustains the bridge for alumni students to impact the fashion industry; allowing them to coincidentally to realize their dreams.

Douglas Reker, Carlos Santiago, Megan Stein, David Gil, Akarasun Seanglai, Stephanie Otto and Natallia Pilipenka are the recipients of the Debut-Series 07 and 08.

• The Debut-Series is open to applicants who must no longer be enrolled in a post-secondary institution, and must have graduated no longer than 5 years from date of submission

• To enter into the Debut-Series, applicants should register online with an application fee of $55

• After confirmation of registration, applicants would have to submit drawings of a collection plan of 6 to 8 outfits with at least one sample garment. Through their submission, applicants have to make their case that their submission is the best. Applicants need to cover their project's transportation cost and custom fees.

• The deadline for submission is April 24, 2009.

The Arts of Fashion review committee will meet Mid May 2009 and will select 3 emerging designers to participate in the AoF Event 2009. These finalists will be recognized as YKK supported young designers. The committee will advise them throughout the process of making their collection, if necessary. In addition, YKK Corp. of America / YKK (U.S.A.) Inc. will provide them with all fastening products they could need to the limit of $200 (per designer).
YKK Corporation of America / YKK (U.S.A.) Inc. - Platinum sponsor for the Debut-Series - assists the Foundation in its funding to make this Series possible, as well as providing monetary prizes for each of the 3 young designer finalists at a level of $2,000 (per designer) to help them cover the expense of making their collections. Flight and accommodation are also covered to attend the event.


The Arts of Fashion Foundation is a 501(c) (3), public, non-profit organization, linking both academics and professionals alike and is dedicated in fostering international cultural exchange through the creation of a variety of educational events meant to facilitate critical thinking among artists, designers, scholars and students. The primary focus of the foundation is the continuous support of creativity and design in fashion and the arts linked to it