The goal of the Arts of Fashion Foundation is to promote creativity among young professionals and students and to support them in becoming better trained, true, and qualitative creative designers in order to sustain the best future for the fashion industry.

• The Debut-Series is open to applicants who must no longer be enrolled in a post-secondary institution, and must have graduated no longer than 5 years from date of submission

• To enter into the Debut-Series, applicants should register online with an application fee of $55

• After confirmation of registration, applicants would have to submit drawings of a collection plan of 6 to 8 outfits with at least one sample garment. Through their submission, applicants have to make their case that their submission is the best. Applicants need to cover their project's transportation cost and custom fees.

• The deadline for submission is April 24, 2009.

The Arts of Fashion review committee will meet Mid May 2009 and will select 3 emerging designers to participate in the AoF Event 2009. These finalists will be recognized as YKK supported young designers. The committee will advise them throughout the process of making their collection, if necessary. In addition, YKK Corp. of America / YKK (U.S.A.) Inc. will provide them with all fastening products they could need to the limit of $200 (per designer).
YKK Corporation of America / YKK (U.S.A.) Inc. - Platinum sponsor for the Debut-Series - assists the Foundation in its funding to make this Series possible, as well as providing monetary prizes for each of the 3 young designer finalists at a level of $2,000 (per designer) to help them cover the expense of making their collections. Flight and accommodation are also covered to attend the event.


The Arts of Fashion Foundation is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to international cultural exchanges through a variety of events meant to facilitate critical thinking among artists, designers, scholars and students.

Arts of Fashion Foundation 635 Tennessee Street Suite # 402 San Francisco CA 94107 (415) 252 0734