Ka Ki YIP | Hong Kong

Ka Ki YIP | Hong Kong - Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Concept - Nowadays, humans keep developing without considering the environment. Our planet tries hard to warn us in its language but most people just turn a blind eye to it. Here's the project of translation from now to our planet's future. In the years ahead, our planet may completely become a ruin due to the over developments. We are running up to the biophysical boundaries that enable human civilization as we know it to exist. We are crossing the recommended thresholds which could generate abrupt and possibly irreversible environmental changes. In the future, the new assimilatory coloration would be inspired by polution. People will live without notions of self-destruction till the end of the world. This menswear collection is inspired by the chaos and destruction that could happen in the future. A juxtaposition of graphic, shapes, and textures creatively worked into structures garments.

Credit Photo: Carly Cram

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