Mariela OSORIO | Mexico | Monterrey - Universidad de Monterrey - UDEM | 2017 ANNE VALERIE HASH AWARD

Arts of Fashion Competition 2017- YUJEONG CHOI

Mariela OSORIO | Mexico | Monterrey - Universidad de Monterrey - UDEM | THE CONCEPT

Displacement embodies movement, disorder and transformation; for these to befall it is fundamental for inertia, order, and stagnation to exist first. This notion aroused a Bauhaus driven inspiration in me refleced in a repetition of assorted alterations of geometric forms used atypically to create a radical design that builds up from order to deliberately transforming into an aesthetic disorder representing the evolution/ displacement of a Bauhaus design process. A juxtaposition of diverse materials comes together complementing each other symbolizing a Bauhaus' significant principle: fonctionality.

PHOTO | Rommi Linnik | Chris Millican | MODELS | Natalie Rathle and Emilia Fowler

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