Ai Ting KO | Taiwan | Taipei - Shih Chien University | 2017 MANISH ARORA AWARD

Arts of Fashion Competition 2017- YUJEONG CHOI

Ai Ting KO | Taiwan | Taipei - Shih Chien University | THE CONCEPT

People are pressed in workplaces, but the price is too much to be paid for rebellion. For self-protection, they chosose to compromise. By twisting and squeezing, a variational comfort zone is created. The texture of Jacket reveals conflict and paradox, as laziness in thinking and diligence in action. Displacement exists between the combining contrasted fabrics and artful patterns.

Because I am very slender person, so i deeply inquire into the fundamental of workplace servility.
Ususally, people who have servility in workplave have conflicting personnality, as laziness in thinking and diligence in action, as inferiority and self-confidence appear in the same mind in a person.

How to represent conflicting personnality?
The most important way is the displacement of patterns, second is the fabric that I created.
Recycling plenty of cotton knit and batting to make a gloomy multi-level look, disorderly and confused but add a little flourishing inside the fabric. Beside, combining with white long hair reinforce conflicting personnality.
Gloomy multi-level represents negative way, and white long hair represents positive way. The proportion of these two kind of fabric can translate many kinds of character.

PHOTO | Chris Millican | Michael Paul Snyder | MODELS | Noah Brown and Cayden Carthey

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