YuJeong CHOI | South Korea | Seoul - Myongji University | 2017 AOF SCHOLARSHIP AWARD – PARIS FASHION MASTERCLASS

Arts of Fashion Competition 2017- YUJEONG CHOI

YuJeong CHOI | South Korea | Seoul - Myongji University | THE CONCEPT

WEAVE MY LIFE 1995.3.14
Art equals to a vessel containing ideas, values and feelings of the artist. Into a medium of dress I put abstract concepts like experiences of a life, psychological states and dispositions through displacement. I wanted to express many kinds of dispositions established in my life through fashion design. Lines on the dress symbolize my obsessional disposition. Hundred of holes implemented by eyelets mean the voidness I flet despite my happy childhood. I longed for expressing myself so complicated through the work cutting and weaving the textile print fabric made from combination of photos of my childhood.

PHOTO | Chris Millican | Paige Wei | Rommi Linnik | MODELS | Haley Thonen and Claudia Chaverra

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