Pablo LOPEZ | Colombia | Medellin - Colegiatura Colombiana | 2017 AOF SCHOLARSHIP AWARD – PARIS FASHION MASTERCLASS

Arts of Fashion Competition 2017- YUJEONG CHOI

Pablo LOPEZ | Colombia | Medellin - Colegiatura Colombiana | THE CONCEPT

The collection is a deconstruction of the modern and postmodern conditions, a contrast between the structures of both to make a question about why a following displacement should come after both of them have proof no contemporary success. The absolute truths of the former left us stood on unsolid ground and diving in uncertainty in the past whereas the excitement of the latter reflects the present of a society that lives in anxiety and workships the image over the ideology.

Therefore, referenced in the past and the characteristics of both historical movements, overlapping the theories and the ideas, I intend to motivate the human being to ask himself about what would be his new role as an individual and the relation to his context through an abstract representation

PHOTO | Chris Millican | Michael Paul Snyder | MODELS | Jenny Giles & Vivian Tran

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