Jiabao LI | China | Shanghai - Donghua University| | 2017 MAISON LEMARIE-PARIS AWARD

Arts of Fashion Competition 2017- YUJEONG CHOI

Jiabao LI | China | Shanghai - Donghua University | THE CONCEPT

Bethlem, the infamous asylum of the Middle Ages, the patients there can be entertained.
Sometimes people outside the asylum are more sick. Sanity and madness are not clear, sometimes the difference between crazy and normal people is just set the wrong place.

This series of design blurs the boundaries of crazy and Bethlem visitors.
The innovative combination of cross-border materials, such as cement & satin, llower & infusion bag… etc.
The suggestive design is scattered in the corner of the clothing. These details shows different emotions and pathological symptoms.

Pathological aesthetics, just for healing.

PHOTO | Chris Millican | Rommi Linnik | MODELS | Luca Micheletti & Louis Manacorda

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