Runqiu XIA | China | Beijing - Beijing Inst. of Fashion Tech. - BIFT | 2017 AOF SCHOLARSHIP AWARD – FASHION MASTERCLASS

Arts of Fashion Competition 2017- YUJEONG CHOI

Runqiu XIA | China | Beijing - Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. - BIFT | THE CONCEPT

To a great extend, human’s original intention of constructing cities is to make our life better. However, things go against people’s wishes. The results of constructing cities are quite opposite to our original intention. Although we are aimed at beautifying our cities, it turns out to be that we are disfiguring our cities. Originally, we wanted to construct cities that are very beautiful and belong to us. However, the result is that cities become an alien power against people to some degree, and urban life has been dissimilated.

PHOTO | Chris Millican | Michael Paul Snyder MODELS | Natalie Rathle and Emilia Fowler / Sophie Anderson and Jada Her

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