The CarteBlanche-Series of the Arts of Fashion Symposium is where the Arts of Fashion Foundation invites visionary fashion artists/designers who are challenging the boundaries of fashion with their innovative thinking and concepts.





EXHIBITIONS & INSTALLATIONS / CarteBlanche-Series@ San Francisco Design Center



-Fashion Design
Wendy & Jim, Ready-to-Wear duo designers, Castelbajac’s previous students, from Vienna, Austria.
Stephanie Coudert, Haute-Couture designer, sponsored by Dior for her first presentation, from Paris. and the first year fashion student works from La Cambre, Fashion School - Brussels

-Fashion Graphic Design
Etienne Mineur, Creative director & Roy Genty, Art director for Issey Miyake-Paris will display their five years of collaborative works with Naoki Takizawa about fashion communication and new media.

-Fashion Photo
Exhibition of the Grand Prix Photo from Hyeres International Fashion Festival 2005: Nico Krebs & Taiko Onorato from Zurich and Kathryn Hillier from NY.

-Fashion & Design
Fashionning art installation with unique pieces from Fashion designers Elodie Blanchard, from NY & Galya Rosenfeld, from San Francisco.

-Fashion Sound
Goran Vejvoda, Musician, Artist and Sound designer, from Belgrade, based in Paris, will present his sonic research, curated by Valerie Vivancos and sponsored by AFAA : BODYSPEAKER - CORPSPARLEUR The body is an amplifier, a tone oscillator, a filter, a loudspeaker. Clothes being the paradoxe, filter or rampart for this activity. BodySpeaker is primarly a sound piece but not only: a multimedia installation comprised of sound, video, photos with a narrator fashion, textiles scans, dancers, bodies.


Luciana Val & Franco Musso, graduated from the Fine Art School - Manuel Belgrano, in Buenos Aires, the dynamic young duo lives and works today in Paris. Their so unique, meticulous, precious and elegant esthetic visual approach, full of miniature still lifes carries dreams, with a reference to Surrealism.
Grand Prix Photo 2004 from the Fashion International Festival of Hyeres 2004 (FIAMH).

Aurore de la Morinerie lives and works in Paris and has worked as an illustrator since 1986. She has produced illustrations of such diverse subjects as animals, landscapes and clothing in motion. With a diploma in fashion design at the Duperre School of Applied Arts - Paris, she has integrated into her drawings of fashion the techniques of wash drawing (ink, water, and brush) handed down from the Chinese tradition. In addition to her collaborations with the press (Le Monde, Elle) and her participation in publicity campaigns (among others for Sofitel and the Galeries Lafayette stores), Aurore de la Morinerie has worked for many years for major Parisian fashion houses such as Hermès and Agnès B., producing drawings for the launch of new perfumes, catalogs or for the preparation of invitations and press packets.

Crstof Beaufays, a young, eclectic Belgian designer began by learning cutting at the Nebeling Academy in Brussels, and then took courses in fashion design at Château Massart before joining the prestigious La Cambre School. His successful participation to many famous contests as Mittelmoda in Italy or the Hyeres International Fashion Festival in France came to award his work on men’s and women’s cloths, flat pieces which are becoming volumes when they are worn. Crstof Beaufays has become definitively his landmark and main references are virtual reality and metamorphosis from 2D to 3D and both creating a protecting world against the real life. Applying this unique experimental approach, after spending a year at the Institut Francais de la Mode in Paris, Crstof Beaufays created for L’Oreal a perfume inspired by cyberspace for the 2000 Beauty Creators Club contest. The flask is shaped like a computer mouse and called Pixel. Then, a year at Claude Montana Studio lead him to a partnership with a French leather manufacturer, under the signature of Auguste. A wonderful collection is unveiled: Cut out leather pieces, bomber jackets with detachable parts to be used as scarf, decorative collars on overcoats concealing mittens and removable hoods.
Since 2000, in collaboration with Electronic Shadow, Crstof also develops research around the garment and the multimedia technology. The result is several impressive exhibitions. In 2000, “I-Skin” for “La Beautee” at Avignon, then “ The Communicative Scarf’ for “WorkSpheres” exhibited at the Moma at New York and only some months ago at Lille, European capital of culture for year 2004, “The Bride”. Today, Crstof Beaufays is the assistant of Jean Paul Gaultier.

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