The CarteBlanche-Series of the Arts of Fashion Symposium is where the Arts of Fashion Foundation invites visionary fashion artists/designers who are challenging the boundaries of fashion with their innovative thinking and concepts.

Arts of Fashion Carte Blanche 09 Aurore Thibout

Arts of Fashion Carte Blanche 09 Aurore Thibout

Arts of Fashion Carte Blanche 09 Christian Wijnants

Arts of Fashion Carte Blanche 09 Anthony Vaccarello

Arts of Fashion Carte Blanche 09 Matthew Ames


Past participants include curators and designers who have won prestigious awards such as Hyeres and are recognized at the professional level for their contribution to fashion and unique talent, who present their works on the runway show during the symposium.
Even though the designers of CarteBlanche Series are generally young, most of them have established their own brand. Each year two or three artists/designers are invited to the event to present their creative works and research.

Cathy Pill (designer, Belgium) - HauteCouture Collection July 2008 -
Sandrina Fasoli (designer, Belgium) - Mango Collection 2009 -
Isabelle Steger (designer, Austria) - Hyeres Collection 2008 -

- MIAMI | 2007
Sandra Backlund (knitwear designer, Sweden) - Collection 2008 -
Matthieu Blazy (designer, France) - ITS & Graduation Collection 2007

- TEXAS | 2006
Olivier Saillard (curator, France) - Performance of a Dress
Anthony Vacarello (designer, Belgium) - Hyeres Collection 2006
Julien Dossena (designer, France) - Hyeres Collection 2006

Stephanie Coudert (designer, France) - Silent Clothes
Wendy & Jim (designers, Austria) - Vorstellung der Arbeit -
Galya Rosenfeld (textile designer, US) - Blocks around the Blocks -
Etienne Mineur (graphic designer, France) - The -
Elodie Blanchard (product designer, France) - In Between -
Goran Vejvoda (musician, France) - BodySpeaker
Taiyo & Niko (photographers, Switzerland) - Moment of Truth -
Kathryn Hillier (photographer, US) - Ephemera -

- OKLAHOMA | 2004
Crstof Beaufays (designer, Belgium) - Auguste Collection 2003
Aurore de la Morinerie (illustrator, France) - Fashion -
Luciana Val & Franco Musso (photographer, Argentina) - Hyeres Grand Prize 2004

The Arts of Fashion Foundation is a San Francisco-based 501(c)(3), public, non-profit organization, linking both academics and professionals alike and is dedicated in fostering international cultural exchange through the creation of a variety of educational programs meant to facilitate critical thinking and advance the field of fashion among artists, designers, scholars and students.The primary focus of the foundation is the continuous support of creativity and design process in fashion and the arts linked to it.