The discussion panel gives opportunities to fashion educators, professors, artists and designers - who teach at fashion institutions in the United States and abroad - to present their research and publication to their peers. It is a platform for these academics to speak with a Q&A session to follow moderated by Steven Faerm.




The discussion panel gives opportunities to fashion educators, professors, artists and designers - who teach at fashion institutions in the United States and abroad - to present their research and publication to their peers. It is a platform for these academics to speak with a Q&A session to follow moderated by Steven Faerm. The theme 2014 is Material Vs Immaterial.



ines Simoes 2014

BODY IN MIND +FORM FOLLOWS ACTION INES SIMOES (PhD) - Portugal | Assistant Professor, Department of Project in Architecture, Urbanism and Design Faculty of Architecture - University of Lisbon | Lisbon Holds a B.A. in Painting (Fine Arts School, University of Lisbon, 1985), an A.A.S. Degree in Pattern making (Fashion Institute of Technology, 1990) an M.S. and a PhD in Design (Faculty of Architecture, Technical University of Lisbon, 2012).
Ines Simoes is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon, (since 1992); Coordinator of the B.A. Program in Fashion Design (since 2009) and of the Fashion Design Area of the M.S. Program in Design (2005 to 2008). Her professional activity comprises the fields of fine arts, fashion and pattern design. Ines Simoes is the author of several scientific papers on the paradigms in the representation of the body in pattern design.
Her presentation will tackle the body mobility as a true creative reservoir for not only fashion design but also in term of design process.

Helene Day Fraser 2014

MATERIAL MATTERS +CLOTHING(S) AS CONVERSATION HELENE DAY FRASER - Canada | Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial Design | Faculty of Design & Dynamic Media Emily Carr University of Art + Design | Vancouver Holds a M.A. in Design (Emily Carr University of Art + Design, 2008) and a B.A. in Fashion (Ryerson University, 1991).
Helene Day Fraser is an Assistant Professor in Industrial design (since 2011) and is a Lead Investigator on several research initiatives within Emily Carr University. She collaborates with the International Local Wisdom research network, and she is the current Academic Coordinator of Sustainability. Her clothing work encompasses critical design: exploring sustainable consumption and textile form interfaces with technology. Her work consistently re-imagines textile product possibilities and explores art/design-based collaborations.
Helene Day Fraser will focus on the 3D printing impact on the designers’ creative vision, not only regarding apparel design and product but also on the fashion collections.

Alessandra Perlatti 2014

ECONOMY +THE NEW ENTREPRENEURS ALESSANDRA PERLATTI - Mexico | Assistant Professor, Director of the Fashion Design Program | Centro de Estudios de Diseño de Monterrey | CEDIM - Monterrey Holds a B.A. in Advertising & Marketing (University of Ribeirão Preto, 1998), a B.A. in Fashion Business (Anhembi Morumbi University, 2002) and a Postgraduate Degree in Fashion Retail Management (Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado, Sao Paulo, 2008).
Alessandra Perlatti has been elected the Director for the Fashion design program at Centro de Estudios Superiores de Diseño de Monterrey in Mexico (December 2012). Her professional marketing profile led her to coordinate multiple missions inside various fashion, textile and retail companies including a large department chain - Lojas Riachuelo as well as a notorious Brazilian fashion brand that is at the official calendar of São Paulo Fashion Week Simone Nunes. In the meantime, she started (2006) sharing her approach of the business of Fashion and taught in different Brazilian fashion institutions including SENAC and IED.
Alessandra Perlatti will explore the non-glamour facet that emerging countries benefit from the fashion industry not only in term of creation of jobs and from the development of local brands, but also the use of natural resources or even the celebration of the cultural roots that consumers can easily identify themselves.


Long-Nam To 2014

FASHION CREATIVITY +THE JOURNEY LONG-NAM TÔ - United States | Assistant Professor, Department of Design | College of Visual and Performing Arts Syracuse University | Syracuse, NY Holds a M. A. in Fashion Design (Berlin Weissensee School of Art, 2000).
Long-Nam TÔ is an Assistant Professor at Syracuse University (since Fall 2012). Not only he started his career working for renowned stylists Victoria Bartlett and Patti Wilson (2001 to 2008), but he joined the creative design team of the most iconic couture Houses such as Lanvin (2005) and Givenchy (2010). He also collaborated in Milan for Valentino (2008) with Alessandra Facchinetti. His very first collection was selected at the prestigious 21st International Fashion and Photography Festival in Hyères (2006). Then, everything is history: nominated for Vogue Talents (2010), his following collection was presented during the Paris Haute Couture Collections (July 2011). Since then, signed TÔ Long-Nam, modern and tailored women’s wear collection is represented at Showroom in Paris and in Milan.
Long-Nam TÔ has always had a great interest in fashion design and at the fore front, and from an early age but after more than 15 years in this industry, he has decided to take his knowledge and experience in a more meaningful way in society. He will share his long journey.

Stephen Frailey

IN PHOTOGRAPHY MODE +NARRATIVE IMMERSION STEPHEN FRAILEY - United States | Professor, Chair of the Photography Department | Fashion Photography School of Visual Arts | SVA - New York, NY Holds a B.A. in Photography (Bennington College, 1976).
Stephen Frailey was the Chair of the Graduate photography program at Bard College (1998 to 2004), and has been the Chair of the Photography Department at the School of Visual Arts in New York since 1998. In 2010, he cofounded the New York Fashion Film Festival and a year later founded the one of a kind MPS Graduate Program in Fashion Photography at SVA. His work is included in the collections of Museum of Fine Art, Houston; the International Center for Photography, New York; and the Princeton University Art Museum.
Stephen Frailey will outline the powerful influence of Fashion Photography in the Art of Photography.

Sung Hyon Kim 2014

THEORY +CONVERGING DIVERGENT SUNG HYON KIM (PhD) - South Korea | Assistant Professor, Fashion Design Department Samsung Art & Design Institute | SADI - Seoul Holds a B.A. in Architecture (College of Environmental Design, University of California Berkeley, 1995), a BFA in Fashion Design (Parsons School of Design, 1999) and a PhD in Clothing & Textiles (Seoul National University, 2014).
Sung Hyon Kim is an Assistant Professor at Samsung Art and Design Institute (since 2009). She started her career in New York and worked for Michael Kors, Banana Republic and Ann Taylor (1999 to 2004). Then, she was a guest designer for Hanssem Furniture (2008) and a design consultant for major public and private corporations including the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Samsung Electronics Inc.
Sung Hyon Kim will introduce the divergent thinking, a method linked to the five senses and to emotion in order to develop but also enhance creative thinking, improve thinking ability and expressing thinking into design. What about the artistic sense and how to understand, stimulate and develop the intuition and taste to others.


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