SFMOMA | Oct 29, 2008 - WATTIS Theater| 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

A presentation about fashion copyright laws and the challenges of the intellectual property rights.

Dr. Jeanne Belhumeur is from Quebec, Canada, and is currently a consultant and chief editor of the AIDANEWS Review and fashionlaw.net, which specialized in arts and law based in Venice, Italy. She got her Ph D. in International Law from Geneva University, Switzerland, and got her masters degree from the prestigious College de Europe from Bruges, Belgium. She is also the author of the book Droit International de la Mode—International Law of Fashion.



SFMOMA | Oct 29, 2008 - WATTIS Theater| 12:30 PM - 13:45 PM

An interesting discussion about fashion media, with representatives from two very different mediums—blog and fashion magazine, through the eyes of the fashion blogger Susie Bubble based in London, and the New York editor of Surface Magazine: Amy Prince

Susie Bubble is one of the hottest fashion blogger in the world of fashion blogging. Her distinctive style, trendy fashion suggestions, and casual tones have attracted wide readership from all over the world. Based in London, her sense of fashion is unique and inspiring to many who are into fashion. Susie is invited to fashion events and conferences, which she covers on her blog. Aside from running a successful blog, Susie is also an editor at the British DazedDigital.com. She has also been an active participant in many of the Arts of Fashion symposiums. Her blog, Style Bubble, can be accessed at stylebubble.typepad.com/

Amy Prince is the editor for Surface Magazine, a magazine which follows up on the latest fashion trends, designers, and lifestyles, started in 1994. Based in San Francisco, the magazine also has offices in New York, and has a wide circulation all over the nation. Surface magazine aims at bringing consciousness of design and style to the readers. The magazine also established the Avant Guardian Awards, intended to encourage fashion photographers to present their work and get their work exposed in the field of fashion photography. Through different venues and involvements, Surface magazine has succeeded in not only promoting innovation, but to create it.

www.stylebubble.typepad.com | www.surfacemag.com


SFMOMA | Oct 29, 2008 - WATTIS Theater| 02:00 PM - 03:00 PM

Ma Ke is an aspiring designer from China who has her own line WuYong/Useless. She is famous for her down-to-earth and sustainable approach to fashion, in stark contrast with the luxurious and excessive fashion production industry of today.

An informative forum about the experiences of the Chinese designer Ma Ke, who will share how she starts her unique brand WuYong/Useless in the commercialized markets of China, and why she chose to start her brand as she did.

Ma Ke, born in March 15, 1971 in ChangChun, China, and graduated from Suzhou Institute of Silk Textile Technology, is an aspiring designer whose work has raised much discussion and received press acclamation in the fashion world. She was given the titles as one of China's Top 10 Designers, and China's Top 5 by Asahi Weekly in Japan. As the Design Director, she founded the brand EXCEPTION de MIXMIND. Her book Point One was awarded Best Book of China 2006 and nominated for Most Beautiful Book of the World 2007” in Germany. She was entitled by the Modern Weekly as Best International Chinese Designer of 2006. In 2007, she was invited to the Paris Fashion Week to present her new brand 'WUYONG'.  The process of making the collection has been made into a documentary with the same name, WUYONG, by the director Jia ZhangKe. Recently Ma Ke, as the first Chinese designer to be a guest member of Haute Couture, was invited to present her collection at Haute Couture in Paris in 2008 and was a success in raising the awareness of sustainability in fashion. 
Her design, sometimes said to be anti-fashion, deviates from the generally excessive and luxurious high fashion trends, and aims at environmentally sustainable and simple garments to counter the idea of the mass manufactured assembly-line production of clothing in China. She uses sustainable fabrics and materials in her designs to encourage the idea of the return to nature and simplicity of life.  Her presentation of the collections reminds the audience of a rural and earthly feeling in contrast to the hustling and modern urban setting. Her brand WUYONG, meaning useless, intends the meaning of making the useless into something useful, and giving a value to what seems useless today, as most useful in the future. Her work can be perceived more as art than as fashion, as the collections, as she said, are not created for commercial purposes but as artistic expression. WUYONG has inspired many to think deeper about an often taken for granted aspect of fashion—the production—and raises awareness of where our clothes came from.

www.wuyonguseless.com | www.mixmind.com

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