This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Arts of Fashion and we have chosen Antwerp as the city to begin a year of celebrations in cities across the world that have a significance to fashion and the foundation.

In years past, the competition has concluded with a final jury session and fashion show in December to select winners. However, with travel still limited for students and professionals due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Arts of Fashion decided at the end of August to create a film for the final presentation of the international Competition - as we did last year in Paris.

The shoot of the Fashion film of the international competition was completed at the beginning of November, under the Art Direction of designer Brandon Wen. Taking place in the vibrant Northern Belgium city of Antwerp, we wanted to share how this unique and dynamic city, with its medieval cobblestone streets and Gothic Flemish Renaissance buildings and its artistic legacy of Pieter Bruegel, Peter Paul Rubens and Anthony Van Dyck to name a few, is still a powerful magnet for creativity in fashion, with visionary Antwerp-based designers now representing several generations, beginning with The Antwerp Six in the 80’s.

Moreover, The Antwerp Six have forever transformed their beloved city as an unmissable Fashion landmark, with a unique ecosystem including one of the most respected fashion Museums in 2002, the MoMu, which hosts the fashion department of the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts itself.
Likewise, the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts, founded in 1663, which The Antwerp Six are all alumni of, has also played a strategic role in the development of the Fashion city, becoming an incubator of the avant-garde and gaining international fame and recognition in the academic world. The creative academic team and unique leadership, led by the remarkable designer Walter Van Beirendonck, has helped to cultivate numerous creative minds throughout the industry today.

The Jury session was held at the Antwerp Fashion Museum - MoMu on November 10, 2021, presided by the iconic Antwerp Six's member: Walter Van Beirendonck, alongside other influential Belgian designers: Jean-Paul Knott from Brussels, Jan-Jan Van Essche from Antwerp and Zoe Vermeire from Ghent. - Thanks to all of them.


The ultimate goal is to recognize the most creative works and to reward students by allowing them to further develop their education. The selected winners are rewarded with the opportunity to either participate in the Arts of Fashion MasterClass, work in an apprenticeship with confirmed fashion designers, or in the design studios of Les Metiers d’Art of CHANEL which includes Maison Lesage, Maison Lemarie, and Ateliers Montex.

QUANG THAI NGUYEN - Canada | Lasalle College International 
Arts of Fashion Apprenticeship Award | Maison Lesage - Paris

YINUO WANG - China - Tsinghua University
Arts of Fashion Apprenticeship Award | Maison Montex - Paris

EMILY ROSE SAUNDERS - UK - Norwich University of the Arts 
Arts of Fashion Apprenticeship Award | Maison Lemarie - Paris

JIWON JANG - South Korea - Kookmin University
Arts of Fashion MasterClass Scholarship Award 

SOA SHIN - South Korea - Kookmin University
Arts of Fashion MasterClass Scholarship Award 

YUANYUAN ZHANG - China - Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts
Arts of Fashion MasterClass Scholarship Awards

YAYI TAN - China - Donghua University
Arts of Fashion MasterClass Scholarship Award

CERASELA-IRINA NICOARA - Romania - University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca
Arts of Fashion MasterClass Scholarship Award 

ARIADNA GEGUNDEZ - Spain - LCI Barcelona-Felicidad Duce
Arts of Fashion MasterClass Scholarship Award 



Graduating in 1980 from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, visionary designer Walter Van Beirendonck is worldly known for his cyberpunk, pop art clothing and witty art catwalk shows. His collections made of innovative and high-tech fabrics combined with bright color combinations and bold graphics, are abound with inflatable rubber jackets, fuzzy nylon suits, and stretchy tops with hologram prints. 

Since launching his own brand in 1983, the icon Antwerp Six member remains very active as an internationally known and respected independent designer - the last one of his generation. Not only has he continually presented collections in Paris for over 25 years while running a mythic multi-label store in Antwerp (1998-2012), but he also frequently initiates collaborations in art, music, theatre, and audacious exhibitions.
With creativity rooted at the heart of his mindset, Walter Van Beirendonck has passed this along to others, beginning as a teacher at the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 1985. Since then he has gone on to successfully lead the Fashion department since 2007, drawing in a cohort of fashion students from all over the world to study in Antwerp.
On November 25, he received the Jury Prize of the Belgian Fashion Award.

It has been an honor for the Arts of Fashion Foundation to have Walter Van Beirendonck, President of this year’s Jury edition of 2021.


Belgian fashion designer Jean-Paul Knott has a travelling soul. Born in Verviers, he grew up in New York where he studied fashion at the Fashion Institute of Technology. He currently lives and works in Brussels at the 147 Franz Merjay, 1050 Bruxelles where he opened his fashion house, turning it into a unique, convivial, and stylistic fashion space.
As a designer for the Yves Saint Laurent studio for thirteen years, Jean-Paul Knott began his time there in charge of the stockings and tights license. During the restructuring of the Maison in the mid-1990s, he was entrusted with the responsibility of the Rive Gauche Femme for five years, under the direction of Loulou de la Falaise. He assisted Yves Saint Laurent for Haute Couture, dressing 350 models representing the four seasons of Yves Saint Laurent on the Champs-Elysees during the 1998 Parade for the World Cup. Knott has also served as the artistic director of Krizia, Louis Feraud, Cerruti and has created costumes for Maurice Bejart ballets.
Since 2000, he has signed his creations under his name and developed successful collections Knott and KnottMen for the Japanese and Asian markets.
A true reflection of our current times: "Few things, but quality"


Born in Antwerp, fashion designer Jan-Jan Van Essche graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 2003. Since then, he has established his fashion design studio in Antwerp where he continues to work and live. Jan-Jan Van Essche launched his first menswear label in 2010 with a defined philosophy, taking the necessary time to cultivate ideas and preserve craft. The name of his debut collection, Yukkuri, meaning “taking things slowly” has since become the DNA of his brand. His conceptual approach preserves creative freedom, referencing humanity’s collective cultures which bloom through silhouettes shaped by the body itself. 
Apart from his eponymous fashion brand distributed in selective shops and platforms around the world, Jan-Jan Van Essche has curated one of the city’s most interesting concept stores: Atelier Solarshop located at Dambruggestraat 48, 2060 Antwerpen. The shop offers a carefully selected and constantly updated collection of well-crafted contemporary works, harmoniously blended with timeless antiques. These works radiate a certain timeless energy because of their shape, story or choice of material - genuine craftsmanship. Solid objects that will be around for a good while, mostly because they have been around for a good while.  


With an appetite for creating and escaping into different worlds, rising Fashion designer Zoe Vermeire lives and works in her native town of Ghent - a beautifully well preserved medieval Belgian city. Inspired by the dignity of queens and their heavy clothes as portrayed in ancient paintings, her first collection in 2012 was striking. Using “very light silks contrast with very heavy woolens ... like seashells which are soft on the inside but hard and rigid on the outside,” she created the atmosphere of a strong and distinguished woman.

Zoe Vermeire received numerous accolades, included the coveted H&M design award, and was invited to exhibit pieces at the San Francisco Art Institute. Soon after, she directed the very first Masterclass collaboration with Atelier Lognon for the Arts of Fashion Foundation at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Paris. Since then, Zoe Vermeire has successfully developed her own practice based out of her studio in Ghent, developing collaborations and working across various fields including accessories and shoes design.


We are delighted to announce the 50 finalists of this year's Arts of Fashion Competition 2021! Thank you to all the jurors who came from so far and to the Balenciaga Museum for hosting us. We will contact you each individually with the next steps and we look forward to seeing your finished project with great anticipation. Congratulations!

Cerasela-Irina Nicoara - Romania - Cluj-Napoca | University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca
Quang Thai Kevin Nguyen - Canada - Montreal | LaSalle College International
Shanzi Jiang - China - Beijing | Tsinghua University
Yidi Zhang - China - Chongqing | Sichuan Fine Arts Institute
Eunju Yun - South Korea - Seoul | Kookmin University
Ariadna Gegundez - Spain - Barcelona | LCI Barcelona - Felicidad Duce
Juan Esteban Montoya Moncada - Colombia - Medellin | Colegiatura
Yinuo Wang - China - Beijing | Tsinghua University
Carla Sanchez - Spain - Barcelona | LCI Barcelona - Felicidad Duce
ShuHan Xie - China - Wuhan | Wuhan Textile University
Qiaowei Xue - China - Hangzhou | China Academy of Art
Aurora Dickson - UK - Salford | University of Salford
Yuan Yuan Zhang - China - Shenyang | Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts
YangYang Xu - China - Shanghai | Donghua University
Ying  Liang - China - Beijing | Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
Carla Lazaro Bonet - Spain - Barcelona | LCI Barcelona - Felicidad Duce
Emily Rose Saunders - UK - Norwich | Norwich University of the Arts
Adeline Belle Santoso - Indonesia - Jakarta | LaSalle College Jakarta
Luo Haolin - China - Beijing | Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
Ji Yun  Yang - South Korea - Seoul | Kookmin University
SooHyun Chung - South Korea - Seoul | Myongji University
En-Tzu Chien - UK - London | Istituto Marangoni
Gabriel Paul Caron - Canada - Universite du Quebec à Montreal - UQAM
Jessica Fox - Canada - Toronto | Ryerson University
Santosh Kumar - India - New Delhi | Apparel Training Design Center
Monica Perez Conesa - Spain - Barcelona | LCI Barcelona - Felicidad Duce
Julia Leszczynska - Poland - Lodz | Strzemiński Academy of Art Lodz
Yayi Tan - China - Shanghai | Donghua University
Jiwon Jang  - South Korea - Seoul | Kookmin University
Yu Tong Tang - China - Wuxi | Jianghan University
Seoa Choe - South Korea - Daegu | Daegu University
Xingyuan Lin - China - Shenzhen | Shenzhen University
Carolina Brogueira Gouveia Barroso da Costa - UK - Rochester | University for the Creative Arts
Bi JingWen - China -  Beijing | Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
SoHyun Kim - USA - New York, NY | Parsons School of Design
Hee Kim - South Korea - Seoul | Kookmin University
Tia Brown - UK - Salford | University of Salford
Katya Garza Lopez - Mexico - Monterrey | Centro de Estudios Superiores de Diseno de Monterrey - CEDIM
Alexia Garro Kramer - Mexico - Monterrey | Centro de Estudios Superiores de Diseno de Monterrey - CEDIM
Ziding Wang - China - Beijing | Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
Luyan Ding - China - Wuhan | Hubei Institute of Fine Arts - HIFA
Elizabeth Torres Ururi - Peru - Lima | Centro de Altos Estudios de la Moda - CEAM
Zhang Wen - South Korea - Seoul | Sangmyung Univesrity
Tianzi Guo - China - Shanghai | Donghua University
Estelle Genton - Switzerland - Lausanne | Canvas Ecole Art - Mode
Mansi Goel - India - New Delhi | Pearl Academy
Molly Ryan - Australia - Perth | Curtin University
Duarte Guerra - Portugal - Lisboa | Universidade de Lisboa
Soa Shin South - South Korea - Seoul | Kookmin University
Andreea Dima - Romania - Cluj-Napoca | University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca

The Cristobal Balenciaga Museum in Getaria, Spain generously hosted the preliminary judging of the International Arts of Fashion Competition on May 21, 2021.
Given the circumstances, international fashion faculty members have not been able to travel as they would have wished, but the jury has been successfully constituted with Academia leading representatives from Spain, Switzerland, Mexico, as well as highly creative designers from Belgium and the United States. The task of the 9 jury members is to identify 50 international high potential candidates in Fashion design based on the students' 2D submissions under this year's theme of MOMENTUM.
This new edition of the Arts of Fashion contest brings together 116 Schools and Universities - more than ever, from 29 countries, through the registration of 366 students and from so many nationalities.

JURORS 2021 - 1st Phase

ALICIA DECLERCK - Brussels | Belgium - Creative designer, graduated from the Polimoda Institute, Firenze
ANA MAGANA ORUE - Logrono | Spain - Faculty of the Fashion Design Dept, Escuela Superior de Diseno de La Rioja - ESDIR
BRANDON WEN - Los Angeles | United States - Creative designer, graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp
DIANA VILLALOBOS BARRERA - Monterrey | Mexico - Director of the Fashion program, School of Design - CEDIM
GABBRIEL TORRES - Barcelona | Spain - Director of the Fashion Design Department, FD Moda - LCI Barcelona
IGOR URIA ZUBIZARRETA - Getaria | Spain - Director of the Collections of the Museum - Fundacion Cristobal Balenciaga
NATHALIE DOUCET - San Francisco | United States - President of the Arts of Fashion Foundation
PRISKA MORGER - Basel | Switzerland - Creative Lead of the Institute - Fashion Design, Academy of Art & Design - FHNW
SHELLY SATAT-KOMBOR - Tel Aviv | Israel - Head of the Jewelry & Fashion Department, Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design

Thankful to the Cristobal Balenciaga Museum and to each jury member and volunteer joining this special edition of 2021, contributing to the success of the premier international fashion student competition - all about education and creativity in Fashion since 2001.

2021 Schools & Universities represented below by the registration of their students to the Arts of Fashion Competition
--- Last Update | April 1, 2021

AUSTRALIA - Melbourne | Kangan Institute
AUSTRALIA - Perth | Curtin University
BELGIUM - Antwerp | Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp
BRAZIL - Sao Paulo | Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado - FAAP
CANADA - London | Fanshawe College
CANADA - Montreal | LaSalle College International
CANADA - Montreal | Universite du Quebec à Montreal - UQAM
CANADA - Toronto | Ryerson University
CANADA - Toronto | Seneca College
CANADA - Toronto | Toronto Film School

CHINA - Beijing | Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
CHINA - Beijing | Minzu University of China
CHINA - Beijing | Tsinghua University
CHINA - Changchun | Changchun University
CHINA - Changchun | Jilin University of Arts
CHINA - Chongqing | Sichuan Fine Arts Institute
CHINA - Chongqing | SouthWest University
CHINA - Dezhou | Dezhou University
CHINA - Hangzhou | China Academy of Art
CHINA - Hangzhou | Zhejiang Sci-tech University
CHINA - Kunming | Yunnan University
CHINA - Shanghai | Donghua University
CHINA - Shanghai | Tongji University
CHINA - Shenyang | Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts
CHINA - Shenzhen | Shenzhen University
CHINA - Wuhan | Hubei Institute of Fine Arts - HIFA
CHINA - Wuhan | Wuhan Textile University
CHINA - Wuxi | Jianghan University
CHINA - Yichang | China Three Gorges University
CHINA - Zhejiang | Zhejiang Sci-Tech University
CHINA - Zhuhai | College of Beijing University of Technology
COLOMBIA - Medellin | Colegiatura
COLOMBIA - Medellin | Escuela Arturo Tejada Cano
LATVIA - Riga | Art Academy of Latvia
FINLAND - Espoo | Aalto University
FINLAND - Lathi | Design and Fine Arts |
FRANCE - Paris | Institut Marangoni
FRANCE - Paris | Institut Superieur des Arts Appliques - LISAA
HONG KONG - Hong Kong | Hong Kong Polytechnic University
INDIA - Chennai | National Institute of Fashion Technology - NIFT
INDIA - Mumbai | Mod'Art International
INDIA - Mumbai | National Institute of Fashion Technology - NIFT
INDIA - Navi Mumbai | International School of Design - INSD
INDIA - New Delhi | Apparel Training Design Center
INDIA - New Delhi | Pearl Academy
INDONESIA - Jakarta | LaSalle College Jakarta
INDONESIA - Kudus | SMK Nu Banat Kudus
ISRAEL - Jerusalem | Bezalel Academy of Art and Design
ISRAEL - Tel Aviv | Shenkar College
ITALY - Milano | Marangoni Fashion Institute
ITALY - Milano | Nuova Accademia Delle Belle Arti - NABA
ITALY - Naples | Universita Degli Studi Della Campania
JAPAN - Tokyo | Bunka Fashion School
JAPAN - Tokyo | Professional Institute of International Fashion
MEXICO - Monterrey | Centro de Estudios Superiores de Diseno de Monterrey - CEDIM
MEXICO - Monterrey | LCI Monterrey
MEXICO - Santiago de Queretaro | Universidad Anahuac Queretaro
PAKISTAN - Islamabad | Roots IVY International College
PERU - Lima | Centro de Altos Estudios de la Moda - CEAM
PERU - Lima | Instituto de Diseno y Moda Nina Design
POLAND - Krakow | Zespot Szkot Plastycznych
POLAND - Lodz | Strzemiński Academy of Art Lodz
PORTUGAL - Braga | Universidade do Minho
PORTUGAL - Castelo Branco | Instituto Politecnico de Castelo Branco
PORTUGAL - Covilha | University Beira Interior
PORTUGAL - Lisboa | Universidade de Lisboa
ROMANIA - Bucharest | Bucharest National University of Arts
ROMANIA - Cluj-Napoca | University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca
ROMANIA - Timisoara | West University of Timisoara
SERBIA - Belgrade | Academia Del Lusso
SOUTH KOREA - Daegu | Daegu University
SOUTH KOREA - Daejeon | Hannam University
SOUTH KOREA - Seoul | Hongik University
SOUTH KOREA - Seoul | Kookmin University
SOUTH KOREA - Seoul | Myongji University
SOUTH KOREA - Seoul | Sangmyung Univesrity
SOUTH KOREA - Seoul | Samsung Art and Design Institute - SADI
SOUTH KOREA - Seoul | Seoul Women's University
SINGAPORE - Singapore | Raffles College of Higher Education
SINGAPORE - Singapore | Temasek Polytechnic
SPAIN - Barcelona | LCI Barcelona - Felicidad Duce
SPAIN - Madrid | Polytechnic University of Madrid 
SWITZERLAND - Fribourg | University of Applied Sciences and Arts
SWITZERLAND - Lausanne | Canvas Ecole Art - Mode
TAIWAN - Taipei | Fu Jen Catholic University
TAIWAN - Taipei | Shi Chien University
UK - Belfast | Ulster University
UK - London | Istituto Marangoni
UK - London | London College of Fashion - LCF
UK - London | University of East London
UK - Luton | University of Bedfordshire  
UK - Manchester | Manchester Metropolitan University
UK - Newcastle | Northumbria University
UK - Norwich | Norwich University of the Arts
UK - Rochester | University for the Creative Arts
UK - Salford | University of Salford
USA - Ames, IA | Iowa State University
USA - Austin, TX | The University of Texas at Austin
USA - Big Rapids, MI | Ferris State University
USA - Boston, MA | Massachusetts College of Art and Design
USA - East Lansing, MI | Michigan State University
USA - Kent, OH | Kent State University
USA - Miami, FL | Miami Dade College
USA - Miami, FL | Miami International University of Art & Design
USA - New York, NY | Fashion Institute of Technology - FIT
USA - New York, NY | Parsons School of Design
USA - Norfolk, VA | Norfolk State University
USA - Richmond, VA | Virginia Commonwealth University
USA - Philadelphia, PA | Drexel University
USA - Philadelphia, PA | Moore College of Art & Design
USA - San Francisco, CA | Academy of Art University
USA - San Francisco, CA | California College of the Arts - CCA
USA - San Francisco, CA | Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising - FIDM
USA - San Francisco, CA | San Francisco State University
USA - Statesboro, GA | Georgia Southern University
USA - Waco, TX | Baylor University

To participate to the international Arts of Fashion Competition 2021 applicants should register online. The application fee is $50 for the Fashion or Accessory category. After confirmation of registration each applicant should submit a file of drawings/illustrations of a mini collection of 3 outfits in menswear, womenswear or a mixed collection of both menswear and womenswear or 3 accessories.

The theme 2021 is - MOMENTUM - this word covers what we all experience right now worldwide and how will we use this unique moment in time to rethink, redefine, and redraw our way of life, the way we interact with others and therefore the way we dress. You can also interprete the theme from your own experience, or imagination.

- Please read carefully the regulations below and remember that the AoFF Competition is open to students registered in a School or University during the year 2020/2021.
- When a first student from an institution registered, the name of his/her School or University appears on the Arts of Fashion website page of the competition. The main criteria for being part of the first 50 selected are truly creativity in Fashion design and concept, as well as a well-crafted project and originality.
- When the first jury meets, samples of fabric/material are also highly important in the student file. This is why we do not accept file submission online.

With regards to the rise of design competitions being increasingly managed by fashion businesses and their communication offices for commercial gains, the Arts of Fashion Foundation is proud to assure students that the Arts of Fashion competition has been organized by a group of volunteers and designers for more than 19 years with no commercial motives.

This unique competition is dedicated solely to celebrate emerging designers and their creativity.
- Student work is protected and therefore not in view, nor is sold to trend offices and design studios.
- Students don't give up the intellectual property rights of their designs when they participate in the competition of the Arts of Fashion Foundation.
- Student projects received are judged by a carefully selected jury of fashion design professors who travel on their own budget.
- The 50 selected students - finalists - compete for scholarships allowing them to participate to the unique MasterClasses and apprenticeships with creative studios around the world. Their work is presented in front of carefully selected jury of fashion professionals in San Francisco, VIP guests and long time volunteers and local partners including the San Francisco French American International School and Asian Art Museum.

The Arts of Fashion is dedicated to bringing the best sources of education and research to students and designers. Please check editions from the past years.
By filling out this form, I declare to have read the general conditions for participation as well as the rules & regulations of the competition below and I agree to abide by them fully.

Credit image 2021 MOMENTUM - Hieronymus Bosch (1453-1516) - The Garden of Earthly Delights


Promote and reward creativity and inventiveness; discover emerging talent and facilitate careers; establish enriching contacts and exchanges between different countries, schools and universities; and to foster new relationships between those from different industries and fields.

The 2021 first laureates will receive Awards and a Certification for their creative and original work based on theme. (Judging based on coherence with the theme and originality, creativity and artful expressiveness, innovation and craft)

Maison Lesage - Paris Award
4-week internship at the studio of Maison Lesage - Paris, FRANCE

Maison Lemarie - Paris Award
4-week internship at the studio of Maison Lemarié - Paris, FRANCE

Maison Montex - Paris Award
4-week internship at the studio of Maison Montex - Paris, FRANCE

The Arts of Fashion Foundation Awards
4-week scholarship at the Arts of Fashion MasterClass program hosted at Les Arts Décoratifs - Paris, FRANCE


3. CALENDAR 2021

- April 1, 2021: Deadline to mail your design proposal in a study cardboard envelope - post marked. Send it as documents and do not declare any value because it is not commercial - otherwise you will have to pay taxes and your package may be delayed at customs.
- May 21, 2021: Jury session hosted at the Cristobal Balenciaga Museum in Spain. Selected candidates for the International Finals will be listed on the Arts of Fashion website in the following days of the jury session.
- September 1, 2021: Submission deadline for all selected projects to be received at the Arts of Fashion Foundation.
- mid December, 2021: Arts of Fashion Symposium Competition & Awards Ceremony 2021 hosted at the Asian Art Musem of San Francisco.


The competition is open to students studying Fashion, Art and Design anywhere in the world during the academic year 2020-2021. Participants will not only represent themselves, but also their Schools, Colleges or Universities, as well as their countries.
- Candidates must be current students and cannot be professionally employed in the fashion industry at the time of the submission of their project (before April 1, 2021).
- Candidates must design their own original projects completely by themselves.
- Candidates must follow the design and specifications outlined in their application for realization of their final project.
- Registration must be submitted on an individual basis and in the chosen categories.
- Online registration, applications, and final projects received after the deadlines will not be accepted. Registration fees are non refundable.
- Projects selected in the International Final of December 2021 cannot be presented in another competition during the year 2021.


1st STEP
Online registration: the registration fee is $50 for one category, FASHION or ACCESSORIES.
Each candidate needs to design a capstone collection of 3 silhouettes : The application materials should be completed as listed below.

- 1 page for the 3 illustrations or plan of collection
- 1 page for each silhouette - illustration
- 1 page for each silhouette - flats/technical designs
- 1 page for the fabric and material swatches (no photocopy)
- 1 page for the visual developed concept/ atmosphere/ mood board
- 1 page for the short written developped concept and with a title in English
- 1 resume / CV of the applicant
- 1 student ID (photocopy) 2020-21 of the applicant

Format of each page: MUST BE – 8.5" x 11" or A4 / Letter – and on separate pages (do not try to bind or mount it or else) – name of the student and the school should be written on the back of each page with a very light pencil.

2nd STEP
Regarding the health situation, and the fact that the preliminary judging of the AOFF Competition 2021 will be generously hosted in Europe, on May 21, at the Cristobal Balenciaga Museum in Getaria, Spain, the address to mail your project is exceptionally in Paris (and not in San Francisco).

3rd STEP
June, 1st, 2021 (TBA): The candidates invited to continue on to the International Final will be announced on the AoFF website, along with instructions and specifications for completion of the final projects.

4th STEP
September, 1st, 2021: Deadline for all selected projects to be postmarked and mailed.

Late projects will not be accepted under any circumstances. It is the candidates’ responsibility to arrange for verification of shipment with their shipping company.
- The realization of the project should follow the instructions and measurements provided on the Arts of Fashion website (just below).
- Fashion projects should include shoes (US womenwear size 9-10 or European size 39-40 | US menswear size 12 or European size 44), and any particular stockings, undergarments, or accessories that the model should wear.
- Every outfit/look is requested be sent in a separate transparent garment bag (with your name and address written on it), appropriate hangers. One precise instruction page for each silhouette is requested in a plastic sleeve (photos can be added if necessary) to help the dressers. When sending your project from abroad please indicate that it is a student fashion project and do not add value. If you add value you are responsible for possible custom taxes.

Entries will be automatically disqualified from the competition for the following reasons:

- If the final project does not follow the design or specifications outlined in the candidate’s original application.
- If they are received after the deadline.
- If they may result in any copyright infringement or legal dispute for the jury, organizers, sponsors, or host university.
- If they pressure for preferential treatment by the jury members, the hosting university, the organizers, or partners of the competition.

Applications and final projects will be judged by experts and well-known professionals from fashion and design fields.

In all matters concerning the course of the competition, including the selection of award winners and settling disputes, the decisions of the judges are final. All matters will be decided by majority vote and are not subject to appeal. In case of a tie, the President of the jury will cast the deciding vote. Candidates will be presented anonymously to the preliminary Judging (made by fashion professors and designers) by the competition organizers. Jury deliberations for the Finals - second round Jury in December (made by fashion professionals and designers) will not be made public.


Candidates maintain artistic ownership of their designs and final projects. By the act of participating in the Arts of Fashion Competition, candidates give permission to the organizers, partners and sponsors to contact and promote them and their projects through a wide range of media: press, TV, internet, mailing, advertising, exhibitions, fashion show. When a project is selected in the first jury session 2021, it can not be presented in another international competition or event before the Finals in December 2021. Thanks in advance if an awarded project is exhibited or published in any media, to mention of the Arts of Fashion Competition.

In the event the AoFF Competition 2021 is suspended or terminated for any reason, the organizers, as well as the sponsors and partners, will not be held responsible in any way. The Arts of Fashion Foundation and its members, volunteers, guests and instructors, and the host University or Institution will not in any way be responsible for any accident, damage or loss of the final projects or candidates’ belongings during the course of competition, including workshops, masterclass, conference, exhibition, transportation, and all events.
It is the responsibility of the participants to insure their submissions.

The Arts of Fashion Foundation is a San Francisco-based 501(c)(3), public, non-profit organization, linking both academics and professionals alike and is dedicated in fostering international cultural exchange through the creation of a variety of educational programs meant to facilitate critical thinking and advance the field of fashion among artists, designers, scholars and students.The primary focus of the foundation is the continuous support of creativity and design process in fashion and the arts linked to it.