BOARD OF HONORS | 2002-2021

Robert Thomas Adams, 2019
Nadia Albertini, 2019
Sandra Andrade, 2018
Catherine Andreozzi, 2019
Matthew Ames, 2009
Nourredine Amir, 2019
Laurie Apple, 2012
Joanne Arbuckle, 2014
Manish Arora, 2010
Sandra Backlund, 2007
Jeffrey Banks, 2006
Crstof Beaufays, 2004

Walter Van Beirendonck, 2021
Jeanne Belhumeur, 2008

Zhanna Belskaya, 2020
Sylvie Billaudeau, 2018
Mara Binde, 2018
Lynn Blake, 2013
Elodie Blanchard, 2005
Isabelle Blandiaux, 2007
Matthieu Blazy, 2007

Haesung Bong, 2015
Veronique Branquinho, 2007
Natalia Brilli, 2007
Francois Broca, 2006

Lucian Broscatean, 2019
Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, 2005
Andrea Cammarosano, 2012
J.R. Campbell, 2012
Jasper Sinchai Chadprajong-Smith, 2011
Sarah Charles, 2013
Beth Charleston, 2004

Yiyu Chen, 2015
Jonathan Cheung, 2013
Minna Cheung, 2013
Sooah Choi, 2015
Sun Young Choi, 2015
Ann Claes, 2007
Gregory Climer, 2011
Alain Coblence, 2006
Carole Collet, 2004

Annette Condello, 2019
Nicholas Peter Comino, 2015
Daniele Controversio, 2007
Stephanie Coudert, 2005

William Cruz Bermeol, 2018
Alicia Declerck, 2018
Tony Delcampe, 2004

Fred Dennis, 2013
Matt Dick, 2013
Fiona Dieffenbacher, 2016
Shinta Djiwatampu, 2018
Julien Dossena, 2006
David Duby, 2010
Nadine Dufat, 2014
Laurent Edmond, 2007

Jan-Jan Van Essche, 2021
Steven Faerm, 2008

Jonathan Kyle Farmer, 2009
Hermann Fankhauser, 2005
Sandrina Fasoli, 2008
Philip Fimano, 2003
Shelley Fox, 2008
Stephen Frailey, 2014
Helene Fraser, 2014

David Gil, 2007

Francois Girbaud, 2016
Didier Grumbach, 2002
Maria de Graca Guedes, 2016

Donna Gustavsen, 2010
Joe Haller, 2008
Bora Han, 2010
Anne Valerie Hash, 2006
Ian Hannula, 2008
Peter Hermesdorf, 2006
Kathryn Hillier, 2005
Raphaelle H'Limi, 2014

Peggy Huynh Kinh, 2020
Jae Yoon Jeong, 2017
Kinor Jiang, 2016
Riley JohnDonnell, 2011

Fabienne Jouvin, 2008
Beata Kania, 2017
Mary Kawenski, 2013
Ma Ke, 2008
Gert Van de Keulen, 2003
Sung Hyon Kim, 2014
Charles Kleibacker, 2003

Jean-Paul Knott, 2021
Sukhee Ko, 2019
Christelle Kocher, 2020
Steven Kolb, 2011
Sara Koslowsky, 2010
Helena Krbcova, 2009
Nico Krebs, 2005
Hajin Kwon, 2014
Aurore de La Morinerie, 2004

Mung Lar Lam, 2018
Lan Lan, 2011
Susanna Lau, 2006

Melissa Laird, 2012
Min Sun Lee, 2017
Murielle Lemoine, 2020
Emmanuelle Linard, 2003

Gustavo Lins, 2017
Jiah Lim, 2016
Alice Loffler, 2018
Linda Loppa, 2014

Jie Luo, 2013
John Maeda, 2014

Ana Magana Orue, 2021
Danielle Martin, 2017
Sylvie Marot, 2020
Kenta Matsushige, 2014
Christine Mayes, 2011
David Meyer, 2008
Arnaud Michaux, 2009
Etienne Mineur, 2005
Jennifer Minniti, 2010

Juliana Luna Mora, 2012
Emily Moon, 2020
Priska Morger, 2021
Flore Morton, 2011
Florence Muller, 2004
Franco Musso, 2004
Gustavo Navarro, 2014
Colombe Nicholas, 2002

Felipe Oliveira Baptista, 2018
Taiko Onorato, 2005
Ben Ospital, 2005
Stephanie Otto, 2008
Elisabeth Paillie, 2005
Francine Pairon, 2003

Beatrice Pang, 2013
Jacques Pantazes, 2013
Janice Paredes, 2017
Charlene Parsons, 2007

Lea Peckre, 2012
Alessandra Perlatti, 2014
Julie Perrin, 2009

Christine Phung, 2011
Natallia Pilipenka, 2008
Cathy Pill, 2008

Christian Poulot, 2018
Amy Prince, 2008
Lucile Puton, 2011
Bradley Quinn, 2005
Douglas Reker, 2007

Elinor Renfrew, 2019
Andrea Reynders, 2009
Brigida Ribeiros, 2013
Nancy Riegelman, 2008

Libena Rochova, 2012
Thierry Rondenet, 2007

Maria Roques, 2020
Galya Rosenfeld, 2005
Olivier Saillard, 2006
Carlos Santiago, 2007
Amy Sarabi, 2009

Francesca Sammaritano, 2019
Alicia Sarmiento, 2014
Susan Scafidi, 2007
Helga Scania, 2005
Akarasun Seanglai, 2008

Ya-Lin Shih, 2018
Jiwon Shin, 2003
Ines Simoes, 2014
Summer Skrzelowski, 2003
Chelsea Snyder, 2009
Sasiwimol Sreevitoon, 2010
Isabelle Steger, 2008
Megan Stein, 2007

Milan Tanedjikov, 2015
Hui Tao, 2014
Laurence Teillet, 2009

Giovanna Testini, 2019
Julie Thibodeaux, 2009
Aurore Thibout, 2009

Patricia Mears, 2016
Anna Niemczyk-Gadd, 2016
Gabriel Torres, 2021
Long-Nam To, 2014

Igor Uria Zubizarreta, 2021
Santiago Utima, 2016
Anthony Vaccarello, 2006
Luciana Val, 2004

Jose Miguel Valdivia, 2016
Diana Villalobos Barrera, 2021
Lionel Vandenbemden, 2008

Zoe Vermeire, 2012
Matthias de Vogel, 2013
Myra Walker, 2016
Stephane Wargnier, 2014
Lisa Weiss, 2011

Brandon Wen, 2017
Christian Wijnants, 2009

Aska Yamashita, 2020
Chu Yan, 2012
Liang Yan, 2011

Yiqing Yin, 2019
Herve Yvrenogeau, 2007

Ling Zhang, 2017
Xiaotian Zhang, 2016
Rong Zheng, 2011
Honglei Zhou, 2018

The Arts of Fashion Foundation is a 501(c) (3), public, non-profit organization, linking both academics and professionals alike and is dedicated in fostering international cultural exchange through the creation of a variety of educational programs meant to facilitate critical thinking and advance the field of fashion among artists, designers, scholars and students. The primary focus of the foundation is the continuous support of creativity and design process in fashion and the arts linked to it.

The Arts of Fashion Foundation is the First American organization to bring together emerging fashion designers from around the world to share and celebrate creativity in Fashion.

The Arts of Fashion Foundation International Fashion Student Competition was created in December of 2001 as the American extension of the world renowned Concours International des Jeunes Créateurs de Mode. This global fashion design student contest - sponsored by Air France and Fédération Française de la Couture, du Prêt-à-Porter des Couturiers et des Créateurs de Mode, was introduced in Japan in 1982 and eventually moved to France. In 2006, Paris stopped hosting the competition, and the Arts of Fashion Foundation undertook the task of hosting this event but in the United States, with support of the YKK Corporation by 2007 to 2020.

With the inception of the U.S. segment of the foundation, Nathalie Doucet, a fashion design professor and designer, chosen as the director (2001), introduced seminars, lectures, debates, and hands-on workshops to the competition, making the annual Arts of Fashion Symposium an extraordinarily rich fashion event. Each year, an honorary president is chosen by the foundation, and new lecturers, from the different facets of fashion design are brought in to share their experiences with the attendees. However the Arts of Fashion Foundation had entered into a new era in 2007, with the competition growing from a national one, to becoming instead an international showcase of talent and a week long fashion symposium with seminars, fashion shows, and awards ceremony. Since then and every year, prizes are offered, including four-week scholarships in partnership with prestigious institutions such as Ecole Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré in Paris (2008), Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels La Cambre in Brussels (2009), and the Musée Les Arts Décoratifs, in the Louvre Palace since 2010, as well as apprenticeships in creative fashion design Houses such as Anne-Valerie Hash, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Veronique Branquinho, Manish Arora, Maison Lesage, Maison Lemarié, and Maison Montex, part of Les Métiers d'art-Chanel.

From the very beginning, (2002), the Tandem-Series - launched with Didier Grumbach, President of Fédération Française de la Couture, du Prêt-à-Porter des Couturiers et des Créateurs de Mode at the University of Cincinnati - provides an open dialogue amongst the guest speakers, professionals, faculty members and students, and is constantly addressing the challenges and opportunities of the fashion industry. Soon after, the CarteBlanche-Series (2004) was introduced at Oklahoma State University, giving room to exhibit the works of students, and designers from around the world. This series allows designers to present their designs on runway, or set up mounted exhibitions in host galleries and museums. In 2005, the Symposium MasterClass-Series were first initiated to great success in San Francisco, offering to candidates selected to the competition and local students the option of working intensively during 5 days under the direction of world-renowned designers. The Fashion-Edu-Series - launched in 2008 at North Texas University - and is aimed at the educational community, incorporating and addressing current issues facing the academia, and the fashion and design education programs globally.

The Arts of Fashion Foundation celebrated 10 years of promoting creativity, innovative design and cutting edge fashion of emerging designers and students from around the world on October 29-30, 2011 at the inspiring and iconical San Francisco Art Institute. Steven Kolb, CEO of Council of Fashion Designer of America, joined the group of jurors and participated in the Tandem-Series. Since then, the annual Fashion symposium is successfully held in San Francisco at the end of October. The year 2018 - with the theme Transgression - marked the 13th anniversary of the International Arts of Fashion Competition in the United States, bringing a new stunning collaboration with the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco on December 17.

In 2020, following the deterioration of the health situation, quarantines, and travel restrictions all over the world and the uncertainty of having a traditional fashion show in December in San Francisco, a collegial decision was taken at the end of the summer. The final presentation of the Arts of Fashion Competition 2020 - with the theme Invisibility - was maintained but hold and documented in Paris, the Musée Les Arts Décoratifs, in the Louvre Palace, under strict sanitary guidelines. On December 15, the 8 awarded young designers were announced. Over these unprecedented times, and since April 2020, interviews have been conducted, and documents and finalists work collected, to be compliled as a documentary film, retracing this unique edition.

In 2021, with travel still limited for students and professionals due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Arts of Fashion decided to create a film for the final presentation of the international Competition under the theme Momentum - as it was done last year in Paris.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Arts of Fashion and we have chosen Antwerp as the city to begin a year of celebrations in cities across the world that have a significance to Fashion and the Foundation.


Jo Eun A, 2011
Ryan Adridge, 2008
Barbora Augustinova, 2012

Andre F. F Amorim, 2008
A-Lan Baik, 2004
Zeynep Baran, 2007
Elizabeth Barbaro, 2011
Hae-Sung Bong, 2008
Lucian Broscatean, 2008
Caroline Brown, 2004
Ann Burton, 2005

Yupei Cao, 2015
Mariele Capssa,2009
Alex Chapman, 2003
Lauren N. Chekoudjian, 2005
Connie Chen, 2004

Xue Chen, 2018
Jinjoo Cho, 2009

Seon-Myeong Choe, 2012
Heewon Choi, 2020
Sun Young Choi, 2012
YuJeong Choi, 2017
Tsz Yu Chow, 2014
Chung-Ying Chu, 2004
Iris Chulumbat, 2005
Hayley Clark, 2004
Juliana Da Costa, 2005
Jessica Darwin, 2006
Laura Dawson, 2002
Alicia Declerck, 2011
Thunyarnee Denwikrom, 2004
Anh Duong, 2005
Jennifer Dusold, 2002
Jessica Earley, 2004
Amy Ferrell, 2003
Francis Forrest, 2008
Shure Gambat, 2003
Xiaonan Gao, 2008

Ariadna Gegundez, 2021

Lina Gomez, 2018
Yiyi Guo, 2012
Miriam Prat Gutierrez, 2017
Bora Han, 2009
Maren Hartman, 2002
Halimshah Hassan, 2002
Binli He, 2015
Yue He, 2018
Dakter Heidi, 2002
Lisa Hutchinson, 2005
Florina Ivascu, 2010
Julia Janeczek, 2005

JJiwon Jang, 2021
Jae Yoon Jeong, 2006
Eun Sol Jung, 2013
Miranda Kaloudis, 2011
Sun Ke, 2014
Alyse Killeen, 2007

Dong-Eun Kim, 2003
Rosa Kim , 2004

Ai Ting Ko, 2017

Young Woo Kim, 2014
Annina King, 2004
Shivonne Kissoondath, 2002
Naoki Kitamura, 2003
Chi Kwan, 2006

Chantal Le Corps, 2003
ChangKeun Lee, 2016
Shu Chuan Lee, 2003

Seon Rim Lee, 2013
Jung Soo Lee, 2005

Yujin Lee, 2019
Qing Leng, 2019
Monika Lepschy, 2013
Kellyn Leventon, 2002

Sivan Levin, 2015
Jiabao Li, 2017
Li Li, 2007
Liwen Li, 2014

Siyang Li, 2020
Xiaoyi Li, 2016
Liu Liu, 2018
Yafei Liu, 2016
Zexian Liu, 2019
Sara Londoño, 2009

Pablo Lopez, 2017
Kuan Lu, 2012
Lenka Markova, 2010

Sofia Massuti, 2019
Daniela Maria Mircea, 2019
Yamilka Missair, 2005
Emily Moon, 2008
Kimberly Moore, 2003
Mia Murphy, 2005
Elena Musteata, 2009
Hamana Nagisa, 2007
Miyako Nakumura, 2003
Bea Nam, 2006
Katherin Neumeyer, 2002
Susanna Ngao, 2008
Ninh Nguyen, 2009

Quang Thai Nguyen, 2021
Cerasela-Irina Nicoara, 2021
Ruizie Nie, 2020
Chantelle Norton, 2003

Ryonggi Oh, 2015
Melisa Orellana Ustariz, 2018
Queralt Orriolo Giui, 2020
Mariela Osorio, 2017
Milka Osoro, 2009
Stephanie Otto, 2004
So-Young Park, 2003

Heyun Pan, 2018
Maria Parra Parodi, 2015

Johanna Pascual, 2003 - 04 - 05
Natallia Pilipenka, 2007
Pavla Podsednikova, 2011

Miguel Mesa Posada, 2014
Maxime Rappaz, 2011
Kristin Ritter, 2002

Laurensia Salim, 2015
Amy Sarabi, 2007

Emily Rose Saunders, 2021
Akarasun Seanglai, 2002 - 04
Inessah Selditz, 2005

Woo Jeong Seo, 2020
Mittal Shah, 2004
Kyoonhee Shin, 2006

Soa Shin, 2021
Iva Solilová, 2009
Eun-Jin Song, 2010

Brendan Smith, 2013
Megan Stein, 2005

Santiago Utima, 2012
Yayi Tan, 2021
Tian Yuan Tao, 2015
Piyapong Thongpetch, 2007

Juliana Orrego Trujillo, 2010
Emily Tonge, 2020
Toby Tyler, 2004

Melissa Valdes Duque, 2020
Mariana Vanegas, 2013
Issariya Virajsilp, 2002
Jessica Wagner, 2003
Kyoto Wakamatsu, 2002 - 03
Feng Chen Wang, 2010

Yinuo Wang, 2021
Yuqi Wang, 2016
Rebecca Webster, 2016
Qinwen Wei, 2013
Laurence Weinisch, 2007
Leanne Wierzba, 2006
Mary Wolf, 2004

Runqiu Xia, 2017
Man Wen Yang, 2005

Yin Ye, 2013
Zhuoran Yin, 2019
Ka Ki Yip, 2015
Wang Yu, 2017
Patricia Yoon, 2003
Chi-Lai Cherry Yuen, 2008
Kathy Zampelis, 2010

Huahao Zhang, 2016
Meng-Yun Zhang, 2016
Xiaotian Zhang, 2011

YuanYuan Zhang, 2021
Shiwei Zhao, 2020
Lu Zheng, 2016
Pingsi Zhou, 2014
Ysmael Zipagan, 2010
Carrie Zoltowski, 2002



Heidi Ackerman, Brussels 2008
Caroline Ahn, Paris 2008
Diego Alvarez. Salazar, Paris 2010

Alexandra Avery, Paris 2018-19
Stefanie Ayoub, Paris 2011
Cynthia Bach, Brussels 2008
Tatiana Baibabaeva, Paris 2010
Lisa Barbaro, Paris 2012 - AOF

Mimmy Begazo, Paris 2016
Hae Sung Bong, Brussels 2009 | - AOF
April Burrus, Paris 2008

Judith Cabrera, Paris 2017
Paula Cheng, Brussels-Paris 08

Katherine Chuang, Paris 2017
Jaeyeon Choi, Paris 2014
Jie-Euen Choi, Paris 2010

Heewon Choi, 2021 | - AOF
Sun Young Choi, Paris 2013 | - AOF
Justin Chu, Paris 2013
Veronica Clarke, Paris 2014
Beenish Dadwani, Paris 2008
Rebecca Deasy, Paris 2014/15
Yi Ding, Paris 2016
Jessica Dwyer, Paris 2017
Shady Elias, Paris 2008
Elsa Ellies, Paris 2011
Jeff Everingham, Paris 2010

Megan Rose Fettke, Paris 2016
Ariane V. Gagnon, Paris 2013
Elisa Gentile, Paris 2021
Laura Giancola, Paris 2014
Megan Hallo, Paris-Brussels 08-09
Bora Han, Paris 2010 | - AOF
Chris Horner, Brussels 2008

Kaycee Houchin, Paris 2011
Florina Ivascu, Paris 2012 | - AOF
Justin Jamison, Paris 2011

Isa Kaufman, Paris 2010
Alyse Killeen, Brussels 2008
Alina Kim, Paris 2010
Geo Vanna Kim, Paris 2012

Young Woo Kim, Paris 2016
Annina King, Paris 2010

Patricia Fumo, Paris 2013
Jihuyn Lee, Paris 2014/15

Yujin Lee, Paris 2021 | - AOF
Danielle Leja, Paris 2011

Monika Lepschy, Paris 2014 | - AOF
Xiaoyi Li, Paris 2017 | - AOF
Yiwen Li, Paris 2016
Joyce Liang, Brussels 09-Paris 11
Edwin Limanto, Paris 2014/15

Liu Liu, Paris 2019 | - AOF
Yafei Liu, Paris 2017 | - AOF
Alice Loeffer, Brussels 09-Paris 10
Valentina Lokhova, Brussels-Paris 08
Tina Martin, Paris 2010

Hope MacDonald, Paris 2010
Leah Mendelson, Paris 2011
Alexandra Meynier, Paris 2011
Emily Moon, Brussels 2009
Elena Musteata, Paris 2010 | - AOF
Alexandra Nam, Paris 2012

Samar Nasraldin, Paris 2012
Margaux Neborak, Paris 2017
Audrey Neustadler, Paris 2010
Anette Nyseth, Paris 2016
Ayse Oytay, Paris 2010

Heyun Pan, Paris 2019 | - AOF
Grace Park, Paris 2013
Maria Parra Parodi, Paris 2016 | - AOF
Iva Pfeiffer, Paris 2014

Eun Pyo, Paris 2018

Jesus Rohena, Paris 2008
Amy Sarabi, Paris 2008 | - AOF

Yvonne Schichtel, Paris 2021
Woo Jeong Seo, Paris 2021 | - AOF
Brendan Smith, Paris 2014 | - AOF
Iva Solilova, Paris 2010 | - AOF

Chaewon Song, Paris 2019
Eunjin Song, Paris 2011 | - AOF
Melissa Stowe, Brussels 2009
Claudio Suarez Davio, Paris 2014
Magnhild Sundland, Paris 2013
Nika Tang, Brussels 09-Paris 10-11
Hillary Tobler, Paris 2014

Emily Tonge, Paris 2021 | - AOF
Allen Tram, Brussels 2008

Uyen Tran, Paris 2017
Ed Tung, Paris 2008

Santiago Utima, Paris 2013 | - AOF
Isabel Varela, Paris 2008
Mariana Vanegas, Paris 2014 | - AOF
Marilia Viera, Brussels-Paris 08
FengChen Wang, Paris 2011
| - AOF
Gabriella Wells, Paris 2017
Brandon Wen, Paris 2010

Kartika Wijaya, Paris 2016
Rebecca Wolfrum, Paris 2008

Yanchen Yao, Paris 2016
Yanting Yao, Paris 2016
Mayuni Yamamoto, Paris 2008
Yao Yu, Paris 2014
Chi-Lai C. Yuen, Brussels 2009 | - AOF
Chenghui Zhang, Paris 2014/15
Xiaotian Zhang, Paris 2012
| - AOF
Xiaohan Zhou, Paris 2017




*AOF - Awarded Students from the International Arts of Fashion Student Competition, who received the AOF Scholarship


2002 - LOVE | 1st Jury - University of Cincinnati | Semi Final - University of Cincinnati | Final - Paris
2003 - TRADITION & MODERNITY | 1st Jury - Parsons The New School for Design, NY | Semi Final - Suki Gallery| Final - Paris
2004 - SUSTAINABILITY | 1st Jury - Philadelphia University | Semi Final - Oklahoma State University | Final - Paris
2005 - ART & INDUSTRY | 1st Jury - Virginia Commonwealth Uni. | Semi Final - California College of the Arts | Final - Paris
2006 - BODY & MIND | 1st Jury - Parsons The New School for Design, NY | Final - University of North Texas
2007 - CONFUSION | 1st Jury - DeYoung Museum | Symposium - Miami International University of Art & Design
2008 - INFLUENCE | 1st Jury - Pratt Institute, NY | Symposium - San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art
2009 - ILLUSION | 1st Jury - Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, LA (FIDM) | Symposium - Drexel University
2010 - UNTRENDY | 1st Jury - Fashion Institute of Technology, NY | Symposium - Art Institute of California & SF Bently Reserve
2011 - TENSION | 1st Jury - San Francisco State University| Symposium - San Francisco Art Institute
2012 - TRANSPARENCY | 1st Jury - DeYoung Museum | Symposium - San Francisco Art Institute
2013 - RESILIENCE | 1st Jury & Fashion.EDU - Hong Kong Polytechnic University | Symposium - SF Bently Reserve
2014 - PERSPECTIVES | 1st Jury & Fashion.EDU - Fashion Inst. of Technology, NY | Symposium - Stanford Arts Inst. & SF Bently Reserve
2015 - TRANSLATION | 1st Jury - DeYoung Museum | Symposium - SF Public Library & SF Bently Reserve
2016 - UNEQUAL | 1st Jury - Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico | Symposium - SF Public Library & SF Bently Reserve
2017 - DISPLACEMENT | 1st Jury - Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, SF (FIDM) | Symposium - 555 California
2018 - TRANSGRESSION | 1st Jury - Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris | Symposium - Asian Art Museum, San Francisco
2019 - VERTICALITY | 1st Jury - Yves Saint Laurent Museum, Marrakech | Symposium - Asian Art Museum, San Francisco
2020 - INVISIBILITY | 1st Jury - Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris | Final - Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris
2021 - MOMENTUM |
1st Jury - Musée Cristobal Balenciaga, Getaria | Final - Antwerp Fashion Museum - MoMu, Antwerp


Juliet Bergh,
Finance and Marketing, Management - San Francisco, CA
Chairperson of the Host Committee of the Arts of Fashion Foundation.

Nathalie Doucet,
Creative Director, Professor and Consultant - San Francisco, CA
Director of Collaborative Educational Initiatives & Research of the Arts of Fashion Foundation.

Michael Hawkins,
Design Producer, Packaging, Apple - San Francisco, CA
Manager of Marketing & Communication of the Arts of Fashion Foundation.

Philippe Houeix,
Interior Architect, Set and Product Designer, P-H-Consulting - San Francisco, CA
Treasurer of the Arts of Fashion Foundation.

Douglas Reker,
Creative Director, Print and Design Consultant - New York, NY
Director of the Debut & ShowRoom - Series of the Arts of Fashion Foundation.

Jiwon Shin,
Movies Director, Co-Owner of FoundArtProductions - Brooklyn, NY
Director of the CineToile - Series of the Arts of Fashion Foundation.


Dr. Jeanne Belhumeur
Dr. Katherine Bourguignon
Nathalie Doucet
Dr. Angelo Miatello
Douglas Reker
Jiwon Shin


More than ever before, the fashion industry at the global scale is ruled by mass corporations who turn fashion into mere product for mass consumption. Motives are dictated by short-term profitability, thus undervaluing creativity, innovation, and craftsmanship.

One of the challenges for the American fashion industry as well as for the design education resides in the adoption of a copyright law for fashion design. Even if the passing of such a law can only help to end the productions of copycats and to diminish the piracy industry, young professionals will access to the creative positions that they deserve and to be recognized for their work. This copyright law will also stimulate and secure creative minds to develop their own designs and to be creative and independent. The United States could ride the crest of a new revolutionary fashion, fueled by the creative potential of their young designers.

This will help to make a change in a culture of appropriation, giving to the American fashion industry a true perspective for the future:
Corporations will not only be pushed to rethink and regulate their current standards of copyright in order to avoid any litigation action or negative publicity but this law will encourage them to invest and work with true designers rather than looking for trends and shopping for ideas. Students will have to learn how to develop their own creative potential. Schools and Universities will have to review curriculum and adjust their way of teaching fashion design.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are at the heart and essential leitmotive contribution to the success of the organisation with opening of multiple programs, completely independent and neutral, regardless of nationality, gender, race, sexual or religious orientation for their participants.

The annual symposium works with more over 120 international schools and universities from at the least 30 countries and in a one-year long based competition; 50 semi-finalists participate in a fashion show whereby 8 awarded students receive professional apprenticeships and scholarships. This symposium also offers two lecture series: examines the future of design education, and Tandem-Series spotlights innovative business practices.

Programs also incorporate cross-disciplinary boundaries reflecting to the meaning of all the Arts of Fashion and its numerous fields. Exclusive collaborations have been established not only with prestigious museal institutions such as the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco and the Musée Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris, but also with the excellence of the Haute Couture craftsmanship, allowing students to work on their own project in collaboration with iconic crafts such as the embroiderers Maison Lesage and Maison Montex, Maison Lemarié and pleaters from Lognon, all part of Les Métiers d’Art - Chanel.

Such experimental educative programs - combinaison of a heavy mix of know how, craft and techniques - with transmission of a true reservoir for creativity that fashion carries, and since its very beginnings - will not have been possible without the dedication of inspirational creative profiles: “designer for designer”. Genuine personalities make a huge impression on students and play a very important role in their fashion career development, transfusing them some complex ideas and contemporary concepts while sharing their own design process as well as their precious network. This impact is paramount on the way students, educators, and entrepreneurs are rethinking the future fashion industry while they go on to serve as positive agents of change.

Nathalie Doucet - Arts of Fashion Foundation's President - 01/18/2018

The Arts of Fashion Foundation is a San Francisco-based 501(c)(3), public, non-profit organization, linking both academics and professionals alike and is dedicated in fostering international cultural exchange through the creation of a variety of educational programs meant to facilitate critical thinking and advance the field of fashion among artists, designers, scholars and students.The primary focus of the foundation is the continuous support of creativity and design process in fashion and the arts linked to it.